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Some Like It Spicy!!!!

  Spices and herbs are a large part of most peoples kitchen inventory. So it’s natural that without a system to contain and maintain this inventory, very soon there will be chaos. Gather all your spices, go through all of them, and get rid off the old ones . You can test them by crushing…

The love of containers!

Use containers to store rice, beans, cereal, pasta, and most dry foods. Using containers will help you get to these items faster and easier. Opening boxes and bags is the recipe for spills, clutter, and damage to your goods. You can open up space in your pantry by storing items in air tight containers designed…

Bring order to the heart of your home!

The kitchen is the heart of the home. A clutter free kitchen will open the door to a calm and stress free heart. After all…no clear heart, no clear mind. For most of us who are living in apartments or small condos in the city we do not have the luxury of a big kitchen…

A Dose of Organizing!!!!

  Use drawer organizers to organize your medicine cabinet. You can stack these containers up and double your space. They also come in different sizes so you can contain loose pills. Get creative with it and label the containers so you can find what you looking for fast and easy without creating a mess!!!

6 Spring Organizing Tips from M2O

  For some of us, Spring Cleaning is more theory than action. When spring comes around, you know you should do it, but where do you start? The following 6 tips can be used throughout your home. Think about using these concepts to de-clutter and organize your closets, your cabinets, or any room of the…

Your Closet: How 2 Determine What Stays and What Goes

An organized closet – where do you start? For most people, this is an overwhelming task, and while it might not be your favorite thing to do with a bit of free time,an organized closet makes it easier to get dressed in the morning, pack for a trip, or mix ‘n match newly purchased items….

How 2 Organize Your Necklaces

  I have quite a few necklaces and trendy jewelry. My setup is unusual as well. I have a revolving door for my bedroom closet which features an old skool Murphy bed attached to it. The mattress has been removed and only a wall of springs remains.   I decided to use this to my…

How 2 Organize Your Clipped Out Magazine Recipes

Many of us collect recipes and articles out of magazines at our gym, doctor’s office, or in the quiet of our own homes. While browsing magazines, we find recipes that we think we will want to make someday or articles that we want to read again or share with others. This blog post will explain…

DO Not Underestimate What a Trash Can Can Do For You!

Keep a small trash can in every room in your home. This way you will stop accumulating all those small pieces of trash such as candy wraps or receipts. They keep piling up while you wait for the next trip to the kitchen. Start using them, being sure to empty them often. This little trick…

Win a FREE Closet Makeover

Deadline January 31, 2011 Could you use a complimentary makeover for one of the closets in your home? Well, if you“like” M2O on Facebook, you could win just that this month! 1. Download a picture of your messy closet and post it to M2O’s wall. 2. Invite your friends and family to “like” your downloaded…

Gorgeous Glass Canisters

Repurpose glass candle jars and turn them into cute canisters for your household items! Gorgeous Glass Canisters Tutorial @Missmustardseed blog. Stylish and earth friendly idea.

Book Shelves

Avoid overloading bookshelves. Donate books, move some, or just buy a bigger shelf. Arrange by style and/or descending height.

Pantry Shelves

Store the items you use least often out of reach. Oftentimes that will mean putting those things on the top shelf and more frequently used items at eye level or below.

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