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Stack Them Up: Maximize Your Fridge Capacity!



Organizing the fridge follows the same concept of organizing your cabinets or shelves. Start by containing like minded objects together and storing them in bins which you designate for them. This way you won’t end up piling groceries on top of each other, plus you open up more space in your fridge. The next time you need something, you just grab the bin and don’t create a mess by moving things around.


Most refrigerators are not equipped with enough shelves. Use clear plastic bins in your fridge. These bins comes in different shapes and sizes. They’re stackable for efficiency, plus you can slide them on top of each other. Now you have additional storage space that’s easy to get to. It’s important to use see through bins so you are able to see your inventory at all times and most likely you won’t forget about any of your food. This means no moldy or rotten foods in the future.


If your family eats more than a dozen eggs per week, the egg bin in the refrigerator door won’t provide enough room to store them all. Instead keep your eggs in the original egg crate and stack them on top of each other on the coolest shelf on your fridge. This way your eggs stay fresh and you can use the official egg bin for storing other small items in your fridge.


The best place to store your deli meat, cheese, or leftovers is also in see-through air tight containers. Again you can see exactly what you have in the fridge. These containers stack on top of each other for more room in your fridge and easy access to everything that’s in there.


Half cut tomatoes, onions, and lemons won’t stay fresh long if we just put them in a plastic bag or plastic wrap. Be green and stylish and use this Tupperware Forget Me Not Three Piece Set. Hook them on the side of your shelves so the onions won’t stink up the fridge anymore. You can wash these containers after each use and you show your love for the earth.


In our search for the best tips, we came across some cool gadgets. They will help you stack and store items so they stay both fresh and organized in the fridge. Some of them are as follows:


Tupperware Fridge Stackables Set

Tupperware 3-Piece FridgeSmart Set

Progressive International LKS-06 Lettuce Keeper

Prepara Mini Herb Savors Set of 3

Organizing goes hand-in-hand with being green and saving money in the long run. As you see, there are so many options out there that follow these principles when it comes to organizing your refrigerator. With a little bit of luck you can find the one that is right for you, your family style, and for our mother earth!




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