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Lets Talk Tupperware!



Since it is so important and storing Tupperware can be one of the biggest challenges in most kitchens, we are excited to dedicate this post to keeping it all organized. Tupperware is an incredibly popular use of Thermoplastics and most families have a number of tupperware containers which they struggle to find room for. It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of a collapsible container set that flattens or if you have a collection of mix-and-match sizes, they have to be stacked and contained correctly to really stay organized.



First and foremost, let’s practice anothersession of purging for self-freedom. Tupperware are wonderers. They constantly migrate from one kitchen to another. We always end up with odd Tupperware with no lid and no room to fit in our current selection of Tupperware. It’s important to go through your Tupperware every few months. Separate the containers that don’t have matching lids and recycle them. Some of those lidless Tupperware may still be in good shape though, so you can use them as containers throughout your house. If something looks like it’s seen better days, now is the time to loose it!


Glass Tupperware is ideal for being repurposed and re-used. You can use glass Tupperware to contain and categorize your loose items around the house. As one of our friends always says, “We all need containers to put inside of our containers”!


Drawers are not a good fit for Tupperware or the lids. Unless you are a huge fan of spending 30 minutes playing the game “Which Lid is the Match?” every time you need a container, it’s better to store your Tupperware inside your cabinets.


With the exception of heavy glass Tupperware, most Tupperware is very light in nature. Stack them correctly and it’ll be easy to move them in and out of the cabinet as a group. Pile up your Tupperware based on shape, from biggest to smallest, from the bottom to the top. Choose the way that they best fit inside one another to make the stack as short as possible, increasing your vertical possibilities. Store lids separate from Tupperware.


If you are an organized person by nature and you have a small kitchen, you can stack many plastic and glass containers inside each other. You can also make your system even better by creating separate compartments in your cabinet and by using udershelf baskets and shelves. Big containers or roll-out baskets work if you have a deep enough cabinet. This way you can group Tupperware in smaller piles, so they stay put for organized and easy-to-reach storing.


Organize the lids based on size and shape. Store lids next to your Tupperware or on a different shelf. There are many options out there for storing lids, from racks to lid holders to a cabinet door caddy. You can also use a basket or container to store them. Maybe one of your big mismatched Tupperware bowls is the exact fit for storing your lids. Try it!


With any of these options, the key to success is storing them with balance and order to maintain harmony after each use, everyday.



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