Mission 2 Organize

Party Time!


Whether you have a stand-alone liquor cabinet, bar area, or a cabinet where you store your liquor in your kitchen, you want to keep them stocked and organized. Who knows when your friend will come over for a glass of wine and chat! Having a well-stocked liquor cabinet is a simple step that you can take towards being a great host.

Ideally you will choose to store your liquor in a tall cabinet that is located away from any heat source. It’s the best to store your wine parallel to the floor; not standing up. Invest in a wine rack. From built-in to stand alone and hanging wine racks.

If you have room in your liquor cabinet, you can also store your cocktail glasses there. It’s a good idea to keep the related supplies for making your cocktail close to your liquor. Think bottle openers, bottle stoppers, and cocktail napkins. Store them in a drawer in or next to this cabinet. You can keep them organized with the help of a cabinet divider or you can stack them inside baskets next to the liquor. Cocktail shakers, pitchers, and ice buckets can also be store in the liquor cabinet.

Store your liquor from the tallest in the back to the shortest in front. You can also stock them by frequency of use or by the type (i.e. after-dinner liqueurs, mixers, hard liquor and so on).

So, is it cocktail time yet!?!

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