Mission 2 Organize



Now that you have tailored your kitchen to your needs with a shelving system, it’s time to accessorize! Baskets, dividers, and hooks help to bring together the look  of your kitchen just as your favorite necklace does for a simple black dress. Accessories transform something ordinary into something fabulous.


Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if all the items we had in the kitchen were the same size? We agree it would be perfect, but a little boring. The mixing and matching of colors and shapes is exactly what creates a visual static for our kitchen, if we work it to our advantage.

After you have categorized and piled your items, you might have to readjust the height of your shelves in order for the tallest item in each pile to fit. This will leave you with some space above your shorter items, meaning lots of wasted space between your shelves. With the use of an undershelf basket you can turn this dead space into a half shelf and instantly create extra space!

You organized your dry food and stored most of them in containers, but what about those small packages? Use drawer organizers in different shapes and sizes to gather petite items. You can stack them up or put them side-by-side. Have fun with it. Remember when you were a kid and for hours you would stack up blocks and change them til you finally got satisfied? Tap in to that feeling and get organized.

If you keep your daily vitamin supplies or pills in the kitchen, gather them all together in one basket. The next morning you will thank yourself for only having to look in one place for them!

Hang utensils or cookware from hooks on the top or side of your wire shelf. Using dividers or bookends will  help your cookbooks stand up on the shelf and keep them divided into sections. Be creative and use this same technique to contain napkins or odd-shaped items.

We choose accessories to set the mood for our outfits, do the same with your kitchen. There are colorful, wooden, mesh or acrylic baskets. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is modern, country style, or industrial feel, there is a basket out there that will be your match!

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