Mission 2 Organize

Tea Time!



Are you still holding to that ugly Christmas mug you won at a company party 20 years ago?! Now is the time to let go of it.


There is such a sense of freedom in letting go of things. We all should practice purging more often. Even something as small as letting go of a mug. All the sudden new air breaths into your space. The door to simplicity and new things opens up.


Every kitchen needs some basic glassware. Past that point, donate what you are not using. If you have lots of stemware and glassware that you use only occasionally, you can store them away Put them away in your pantry, garage, or basement using a stemware chest or storage boxes.



After you decide what stays in your kitchen pile your glasses in order of size and shape. Pick an eye level shelf in one of your top cabinets for storing glasses.


Tall Glasses:  Place them side-by-side based on size and style. If you are storing them in your pantry, use a shelf so you can stack up more. Put them in upside down.


Short Glasses: Arrange them by size and style. Sometimes you can stack them easily on top of each other, but make sure they don’t fit too tight together.


  • If you store your tall and short glasses together, it’s better to store them in rows front to back.  Keep the tall glasses in the back and the shorter ones in the front. If you have room, you can store them in groups side by side.


Stemware: It’s best to hang wine and champagne glasses from a wall mounted hanging rack system. If you have enough space under your cabinet, turn it into a mini bar by using an under cabinet stemware rack. You can also use the undershelf stemware holder for hanging glasses in your pantry, cabinet or your china cabinet.


Shot Glasses: If you collect shot glasses, we suggest that you invest in a good sturdy shot glass display case. Be sure you secure it to the wall properly. You do not want to come home to all your shot glasses shattered on the floor. Some of us had to learn that the hard way!

If you have just few shot glasses, you can store them using an undershelf basket above the shortest glasses in your cabinets. Cut a liner sheet and place it inside the basket to create a stable base for your shot glasses to sit.  You can also stack them up or, if you have room, place them beside your drinking glasses.


Cups & Mugs: You can store cups and mugs using an undershelf cup holder on your cabinet. Use an undershelf basket and you can store the saucers by their side or underneath of the basket. If you have extra counter space, you can use a mug stand to store a few for easy access. Also with the right hook you can hang them underneath of your cabinets.


Pitchers: Use the tallest cabinet you have to store pitchers. For those rarely used, you can store them on a top shelf in your kitchen or your pantry.


Don’t forget to have some Martini glasses and beer mugs chilled in your freezer. It’s a simple thing to do, but shows you off as the great host that you are. CHEERS!


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