Mission 2 Organize

Stir it up!



Gather all your cooking utensils. Now that they are all together, you start to see that you really don’t need 6 wooden spoons and 5 spatulas! To be realistic, you only need one of each but to be safe keep 2 of each kind. We suggest donating the rest. But if for any reason you want to keep any of the extras you can store them away in a basket in your pantry, garage, or any extra cabinet you have in the kitchen. Whenever any of the utensils you are using  get old and out of shape, you can bring in the ones you stored and replace the old ones.



If you have enough drawer space you can store your cooking utensils in the drawer. Pick the closest drawer to your stove for these utensils and use drawer organizers or drawer dividers to keep them organized and in place. You can store more utensils if you have them all facing the same way with the handles toward you.


Not enough drawers? Use one of these utensil holders to store your cooking utensils on the counter top next to your stove. You can get very creative if you are using this system. Think of any cute vase, flower pot, pitcher, or small wooden box you might have. They all can work as a holder for long-handled utensils. If you have a set that has a stand already, you can keep them handy on the kitchen counter and again close to your stove.


Not enough drawer or counter space? Use decorative hooks to hang these utensils on the wall, side of your shelves, or your kitchen cabinet. There are some decorative bars on the market just for hanging utensils. You can use only one of these systems or mix and match them in the way that works for your kitchen.  Now get to cooking!


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