Mission 2 Organize

List Junkies!



If there was an organizing hall of fame, we are sure that a special place would be reserved for lists. Lets face it, with all the information constantly coming at us and with so much in our plates every day, who can remember all the shopping items?  Shopping lists are a break we can give to ourselves!


Shopping can be a hassle if you don’t have a list with you, many times we return from shopping to realize we forgot some items that we really need. It’s important to take inventory of your pantry and fridge before you go shopping. A list will keep you from impulse shopping and helps you to stock the kitchen with only what you need. This is an easy way to save money, time, and space in your kitchen.


Put a blackboard, cork board, magnet board, or get one of those magnetic memo pads on your fridge. Whatever you choose, make sure you have something to write a grocery list, meal planning and notes. How many times you are on the phone running around to find a piece of paper to write something down and then lost the paper? This way you just make a quick note and don’t end up with endless pieces of paper all over your house. By keeping them in one place, these notes wont end up in the land of lost.


You can write down the items you need on your board as you come across them. Then transfer them to an organized list before going shopping. There are many templates and sample of shopping lists online. From a simple grocery list to more high tech software, pick the one that works for you. You can use one as a starting point and tailor it to your needs. You can print out your list or send it in a digital format to your phone. With list in hand, your next shopping day will be a stroll in the park.


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