Mission 2 Organize

It’s a Wrap!



Some of the most used supplies in the kitchen are zippered plastic baggies, aluminum foil, cling wrap, and wax paper. We use them to cover, line, and store variety of things we use in our kitchens.


There are many ways to store these items based on your kitchen’s set up. Think about how often you use these items, and how easy you need to accesses them. The answer to these questions and the space you have available in your kitchen should determine which one of these storage solutions should work best for you.


Do you buy these items in bulk? Only store one of each within your easy-to-reach system and store the rest in the back of your storage cabinet, garage shelf, or basement.


If you have wide or deep drawers in your kitchen, you can use it to store all of these items side-by-side. There also are many organizing solutions available for wrappings:


  1. Hang or mount these racks over your cabinet door. This allows you to hold all of these supplies in one place and makes them handy for your next use.
  2. Use an undershelf wrap rack to store all of these supplies inside your cabinet. By doing so you will tap in to the potential of unused spaces between the shelves.
  3. Want to store them in your pantry? This wrap organizer can be a lifesaver for you.
  4. There are also individual dispensers you can use for aluminum foil, wrapping paper, and plastic wrap, as well as wall-mounted ones. Some of them even come with room for freezer bags and a rod for paper towels.


You will thank yourself next time that you have to reach and grab a wrap really quickly. For sure you will ask yourself why you didn’t organize them earlier!


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