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Now that you have used plastic bins and clear Tupperware to store all of your dairy and meat products, you are left with all the jars, condiments, and beverages to store in your fridge. Most of the time these are also the products that cause lots of mess since they can roll around, tilt on the shelf, and don’t stack up as easily. Here are few ways to make it easier to store and find these items.


We cannot start without using the organizing golden rule. Gather all like-minded items together (i.e. jams, salad dressings and such). Consolidate next. If you find 2 of the same thing half used in your fridge, combine them together.


If you have lots of condiments, choose the ones you use most often and store them in the door of your fridge. The pile that is not as frequently used can go on one of the shelves at the back of the fridge. Make sure you store them by type and size. Put the tallest item in the back and smallest in the front. This way you can locate the jar you are looking for on the first try.


If your family drinks lots of can beverages, invest in a can dispenser for your fridge. The open design allows you to see the cans so you can mix them. If you are stacking your cans upright on top of each other, use a cut shelf liner so the air still circulates easily in your fridge. Narrow fridge bins are ideal for juice boxes, so they won’t get knocked around and tip over in the fridge. You can easily slide these bins in and out to serve and restock.


For storing wine or tall bottled drinks, you can use a Fridge Binz Wine Holder. They are stackable and allow you to use all of the vertical space in your fridge. If you have an open wine bottle you can also store it in the door. Just be sure you are planning to use it in few days.


Here at Mission 2 Organize we are all about ways to live a green life. Ditch all of those plastic bottle water, get a water filter pitcher. Use reusable water bottles for when you are on the go. You can assign different colors to each family member so when it comes to leaving the house in a rush, everyone can simply grab their own bottle and fill up. If you’re in the market for a new water filtration product, be sure to check out the articles and Reviews of Water Filters over at Water Filter Way.


For storing beer, get a fridge monkey. The best part about this is that you can mix and match bottles. For example, if the stock of beer, wine, or soda cans are limited in your fridge you can stack them all together with this design. Use with a wine bottle on the bottom then beer and cans on the top. You can get away with stacking your beer on top of each other as far as both ends are secure. For example, use one side of your fridge as support and for the other side use one of your bins. That will make access easy without moving it around. Now you have two walls to support your beer pyramid.


Cheers to a clean and organized fridge!


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