Mission 2 Organize




Having a clean and organized refrigerator, can save you time and money by knowing exactly what you have and where you can find it.

We all feel guilty when we waste food, so we hold on to that juice we bought months back and no one in our household likes it or those old leftovers that have stayed in the fridge for too long, and because of this guilt we end up treating our fridge as an extra storage space.

With an organize refrigerator you can let go of this guilt and live a greener life. Just think of the less minutes you have to keep the fridge door open to find something, with less load in the fridge you let the cool air circulate easier, your food stays fresh longer and you might even get a thank you note from your fridge soon, since you cut it’s work in half!

So grab a trash can, get in to your fridge, and get rid of all the paste-date items and those that weren’t a big hit 3 months ago but stayed in the fridge!!!

After you went through all of your items, clean wipe the fridge and start restocking;

  • Group like-minded items Together

Top shelf: For left overs and daily food, citrus fruit and watermelon
Second Shelf: Eggs, Cheese, and Meat
Third shelf (coolest): Fish & Chicken and foods that spoil fast
Crisper: Vegetables & fruits
Door (Warmest): Butter, Condiments,

  • Place big items in the back

  • Stack items properly for easier use

Follow these few steps and you will see you can shop smarter, plan the next meal easier and leave behind the pain of throwing food away. Stay tone for our upcoming tips on how 2 keep that fridge organized!


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