Mission 2 Organize

Come flying with me!



We might have lost touch with nature and magic. Maybe our stories are not filled with flying witches on their brooms anymore, but for sure we still have brooms lying around in our kitchen. And we still need them to be easy to grab, use and store.


To organize the broom, best steam mop, duster and such that you use often, take advantage of any wasted, narrow spaces you have in your kitchen. The space between appliances (like a refrigerator or a washing machine) and a wall or a cabinet and wall can be useful for storing these items. With the use of a few hooks or a broom holder, you can store them as individuals or group them together.


If the space is deep and hard to reach, a store ’n slide is what you looking for. This product slides from side-to-side and extends out for easy grabbing or storing and it slides back to hide these cleaning tools from view. You can also use the same tool if you are storing them in your pantry.


If there is no room to store buckets next to your mop, it’s best to store them under your sink with the cleaning supplies or in a bottom, deep shelf in your pantry. If you store these items in a tall cupboard or a closet, it’s best if you still use broom and mop holders to keep them organized. There are also racks that you can use if you have the space for it.


Try storing buckets, mops, brooms, and dusters in your garage if you have easy access from your kitchen into your garage. Otherwise keep these items handy in your kitchen and you’ll be riding off into the sunset with a smile on your face on that broom of yours!






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