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Let Them Eat Cake



We all love the aroma of a fresh-baked cookies. It warms up our soul and makes the kitchen truly the heart of the home. Many of us dread baking just because of fear. The fear of opening our bakeware cabinet door and facing the challenge of digging in it to find the dish we are looking for. Put an end to this dreaded feeling and, in a few small steps, make that a cabinet as pleasing as the first bite of that cookie.


Gather up all of your back bakeware. Take a second look at all of the bakeware you have. Decide what still deserves a home in your kitchen and what is ready to move on. You can repurpose some of the bakeware that you don’t need in the kitchen anymore or donate them.


Gather like-minded items together. Pile them in groups by shape and size. Stack them up with biggest one on the bottom and work your way up to the smallest one.


Pick a bottom cabinet next to your stove to store your bakeware. Use pull-out baskets or pull-out tray holders for easy access in a deep cabinet. Using a  rack or tray holder will allow baking sheets, cooling racks, muffin tins, and like objects to stand on their own. With the help of these dividers, you have kind of a bookshelf system for your trays. Just reach in and grab the one you need.



Nestle baking pans and baking bowls together. Stack them up on their base by shape and size. Use corner shelves inside the cabinet for increased accessibility. They are available in variety of  heights and sizes. Now you can stack your bakeware in smaller groups for spotting the one you need the first time.


Display cupcake holders, decorative baked goods dishes on top of your pantry shelf or top shelf of the cabinet. You can also look at our post about utensils and Tupperware for tips on storing away baking Tupperware and baking utensils.


Leave us a comment with your favorite baking recipe. Here at Mission 2 Organize we are all about that amazing aroma of baking!


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