Create a Beverage Station in Your Kitchen

  On the job, we talk to our clients about the magic of zoning. Zoning a room means designating a specific activity to an area within your space. For example, in your kitchen you can create stations for storing groups of items like baking and cooking. Setting up these stations allows you to go from… canadian pharmaceuticals online

How to Remember Birthdays That Matter

The saying goes that people may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. A simple gesture such as remembering someone’s birthday and sending birthday wishes is a surefire way to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy on their special day. Not to mention the good feeling you will… canada pharmacy

Lessons in Extreme Minimalism

As business owners, we spend quite a bit of time on our computers. There are newsletters to write, clients to email and blog posts to develop. While we don’t recommend trying to multi-task, we often will have the tv on while we work. The types of shows that are appropriate for this circumstance are ones…

The Cost of “Keeping” When You’re Moving Long Distance

buy generic viagra pills online There is so much to worry about when you’re moving a long distance like leaving old friends, starting a new life and potentially living in a foreign culture. You might have fallen in love with something like these homes for sale in spartanburg, or maybe you’re just having to move for your job. Whatever the…

How 2 Organize Your Socks

canadian pharmacy online Socks pose a unique challenge when organizing your home. Their size, weight, and shape make it easy for them to get jumbled up with underwear, scarves, and other smaller types of clothing. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find the santa socks that you got for Christmas, mortified in the knowledge that they…

Documents You Need to Find in Case of an Emergency

  The nature of life is so fragile. In a matter of seconds, our lives and our plans can get turned upside down by things totally out of our control! We all know this, but there is no point in going through life worrying about all of the bad things that could happen. That would… purchase viagra

7 Tips to Organize Your Lingerie

It may not seem sexy to you, but being organized is sexy to professional organizers like us. Speaking of sexy, when you have all of your lingerie gear accessible and stored neatly, adult film stars do it, which is why they have such a wide range of arousing content on websites similar to featuring…

Top 5 Ways Organizers Motivate Their Clients

  Motivation is the backbone of success for any project. When we set a goal and take steps to achieve it, obstacles will always meet us along our way. During these down times, we may get disappointed or burnt out. This is when we need motivation more than anything else to help us get up, solve the problems and…

The Unintentional Consequences of Getting Organized

generic levitra online 7 years ago when we started our business, we knew how satisfying organizing, accomplishing projects and decluttering felt to us. But in our wildest dreams, we never thought that getting out there and organizing the world would be such a service to others. Once we started working with our clients, they were sending us text…

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