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6 Reasons to Downsize Your Life


Life is like a tree. It grows roots, expands and branches out. Change is constant so we need to adjust ourselves to be in the best position for growth. Downsizing is a common way to customize your living space to your lifestyle. And just by doing a quick google search into something simple like storage units vancouver, you may find a solution to help with downsizing, regardless of whether you hope to store business materials, personal belongings or furniture. Here are a few reasons to think about downsizing the next time you are ready for a change.

  • It doesn’t matter if we actively seek out change or not. In time, it always finds us. Kids grow up and leave home, our careers lead us to different cities, divorces occur and sometimes we find ourselves no longer able to navigate the stairs in a multi-floor home. Whatever the reason for you to downsize, be ready to welcome and embrace the opportunity to tailor your home to your needs.
  • Do you have your mind set on saving money? Maybe you are planning for your next adventure, education or a sweet retirement. Whatever it may be, downsizing can cut costs in many ways. Just think…less mortgage, reduced utilities, less stress, fewer financial distractions and lower property taxes. Your smaller home takes less energy to heat up and less time to clean and organize. Not only will you save yourself money, but you’ll also save yourself some sanity. The money you spend on things like removalists Sydney when moving house will be nothing compared the savings you’ll make on reduced bills and less maintenance.
  • The new trend in minimalism talks about how zen a streamlined life can be. There is also something intangible about downsizing and getting rid of all that unused stuff that gives one peace of mind. There is a wonderful added benefit to this clearing out process: when you organize your home, you organize your life. It makes a lot more sense now that when it comes to downsizing, many people decide to look into the idea of using self storage units. You can keep all your possessions in one place, but it will all be away from your house. This then makes it a lot easier to create the space you need in your life. To find out more regarding this option, it may be in your best interest to click here and at least see what this involves. There’s no harm in doing a bit of research beforehand.

    Remember, your home is a mirror of you and how your life works. So as you simplify your home, you simplify your life. By investing the time needed to clean out and edit your possessions, you are on the road to creating a new lifestyle that is not only more functional, but is easier to maintain. Talk about a win-win!

  • In the average household, only a small portion of the space is used a majority of the time. A new research study on this topic showed that out of a 1000 square foot home, an average of 400 square feet were used on a regular basis. Rooms like the dining room and porch were not used at all in one years time. But think of your kitchen. How it is the most used room in the house and often the hub for the whole family. Be honest about how much space you really need. By eliminating the extra unused rooms you will notice that you see your family more and spend more time together. Don’t build or choose your house based on how much stuff you have. Rather, base it on the functionality that serves you best.
  • We all know the saying about quality over quantity! Downsizing sometimes can happen for the same reason. You might want to upgrade your place or maybe you have your heart set on a pricier neighborhood and your budget won’t allow for a big house. I have a friend that always wanted an efficient house that uses solar panels and runs on mostly sustainable energy. He was not able to build a big house with all the gadgets that he wanted. So he downsized. He considered the rooms that he needed and used and was able to make his goal a reality building the house of his dreams. He told me once that he thought he was sacrificing living large for his dream. But later on he realized he was actually sacrificing his dream by not letting go of what was not serving him at all.
  • Last but not least, living in smaller places can be one of the best ways to show love to our planet. As humans on this earth, we cannot afford to continue living as mega consumers. Resources are drying up and in many places humans are working in horrible conditions just to produce more cheap stuff. When we have just the right amount of space, we don’t feel the need to buy more, to fill our closets or houses with more stuff that we never needed in the first place. Consuming simply what we need and use produces less junk for the landfills. No wonder the idea of living in tiny spaces has become so popular with people who care a lot about this planet we call “home”.

If you are embarking on a downsizing journey, know that there are countless resources and sources of inspiration available to you. Professional organizers, interior designers, multi functional furniture builders, junk haulers and like minded community groups are waiting to assist you. There is no need to tackle this journey alone. And please remember…as you declutter always donate or recycle your unwanted items.

Whether you are just downsizing a few rooms or following the hot trend of tiny homes, may the force be with you. Good luck with your new adventure!

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