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The Unintentional Consequences of Getting Organized





Seven years ago when we started our business, we knew how satisfying organizing, accomplishing projects and decluttering felt to us. But in our wildest dreams, we never thought that getting out there and organizing the world would be such a service to others.

Once we started working with our clients, they were sending us text messages, testimonials and e-mails about how becoming more organized had changed their lives. As all these encouraging messages started coming in (and have continued over the years), we grew more certain that the services we provide are truly an aid to others.

In our video this month, we detailed 10 well-known benefits of getting organized. In this post, however, we are going to talk about a few of the unintentional consequences of getting organized that have been revealed to us by our clients.


Improved Social Life


Do you fear having people over because your surroundings are not put together? Love the idea of having guests but cannot manage the tasks associated with throwing a party? With an organized home, you can welcome guests with open arms for unexpected gatherings and fun overnight stays.

Make your home a sanctuary of peace and harmony, not only for yourself, but for others. With the ability to open your home to loved ones, you open yourself to the love and companionship others have to share with you.




Ending Guilt


We all feel differing levels of guilt when we look at the piles of unfinished projects that overwhelm us. From the physical projects that stare us in the face (like piles of laundry) to the personal goals we would like to reach, these obstacles can create doubt and guilt when left unfinished.

Eliminate the voices in your head that serve as daunting reminders of your perceived disorganization. Don’t carry the weight of unfinished projects around with you. Instead, decide which steps you need to take in order to accomplish your tasks and goals.



Better Example


We can always set a better example for ourselves, our kids, and our friends, can’t we? Once people who admire you see that you are taming the clutter beast and are not just a tornado going from one space to another, they will take note.

People can truly learn from and be inspired by your transformation. Your freeing attitude will shine through and light the lives of others. Best of all, you will gain confidence in who you are and what you can accomplish.



Becoming More Energetic


More time + less stress + the completion of more projects = you feeling more energetic and ready to go. As a matter of fact, in some ancient practices, they believed that energy needs to move around freely in your space and that stuck and staggering energy drains your life force. By organizing and therefore decluttering, you allow this energy to move around freely making you feel more upbeat.





Falling in Love


The benefit of falling in love was a big surprise to us! One of our earliest clients reached out to say how she was able to find love after we got her organized.

She said that being organized allowed her to be more prepared for situations and that she grew to love and accept herself more. She said, “I dressed better, got out of the house more, found more free time and was not afraid of opening my door to other people.  That all manifested into a new-found love for myself and a future husband.” She had “get organized” and “get married” on her wish list and she actually did both…in that order!




Better Health


All of the benefits of organizing can have a marvelous effect on your health. Stresses manifest as physical pains. Eliminate the stress of clutter and you will be calmer, have more time to shop for healthy ingredients, cook instead of eating out, workout or just relax and give your body a break.

One of our regular clients likes to say how getting organized helped her to reach her fitness goals. She now has time for walks and even eats better because she has time to plan and cook healthy, homemade food to bring to work with her. 



Better Hygiene


Your bathroom is the place in your home where you clean and groom yourself. If the room itself is blanketed in hair, dirt or wrappers, you’ll find it way more difficult to clean yourself properly.

Piles of clothes on the bed, in the bathtub or on the floor makes it hard to differentiate between the clean clothes or dirty ones. Being organized and decluttering your space can offer you, not only cleaner surroundings but better hygiene habits.



Environmental Friendliness


One of the benefits of being organized is giving back to mother nature. By using and repurposing what you have and donating or recycling what you don’t need anymore, you are keeping items out of landfills and helping others. You use less resources, for example, when you reduce junk mail and paper clutter thus saving trees or use less gas when you plan your day in an efficient way.



Fewer Arguments



Many arguments start out of frustration. We have all been there. Running around frustrated and looking for things when you’re late and then unleashing it on the first member of the household that opens the door. By cutting down on frustration, you can cut down on getting into arguments with others. Bring harmony and peace into your environment by being organized and therefore less stressed.




Letting Go and Opening the Door to New Opportunities


Our favorite part of the giving nature of organizing is the practice of letting go. Every time we organize and declutter our homes, we let go of the unnecessary to make room for what is important. It helps us to prioritize, no matter if it’s a mental challenge or an actual item, organizing gives us the tools to deal with it in the best way. When we are organized, it feels like we are giving a shout out to the universe that we are not holding on. Let go and be ready to bring in something new and exciting!



This list can go on and on based on each of our unique lives. What gifts have you discovered so far as a result of getting organized? Are you ready to uncover more benefits for yourself by bringing more order to your life? New year, new you. Get organized and ring in the next year in peace and harmony. We know you can do it!


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