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How 2 Organize Your Shoe Accessories


Organizing shoes is one of the biggest challenges for most of our clients. For this reason, we have collected resources and found the best solutions throughout all of our years organizing. There are videos that you can check out on our YouTube channel as well as blog posts full of tips on this topic from us here at Mission 2 Organize. In this post, however, we are going to give you some ideas on how to organize and store your shoe accessories like shoe bags, socks, shoe horns and so on.


The first step is to gather up all of your shoe accessories. You will be surprised how many items you can place in this category: shoe laces, shoe inserts etc. Like any other organizing project, the next step is to sort into smaller categories and purge. After completing this step, you are ready to contain and designate a space for your items. You’ll want to keep them grouped together somewhere near your shoes. If you keep your shoes on a shelf, the best way to store your shoe accessories is with one big or a few small baskets. These baskets can then be stored on a shelf or the floor underneath your first shelf. Empty shoe boxes also make a great alternative to baskets. To dress them up, wrap the shoe boxes in fabric or wrapping paper to match your style. As we always say, a basket on a shelf serves the same function as a drawer. You can slide these baskets in and out very easily to access all of your items.


If you have a big collection of shoe accessories, it is best to put a few smaller baskets on your shelves rather than one large one. Then, assign a basket to each category. For example, shoe bags together in one basket and shoe polishes in another. Make sure you label the baskets so you can find your items easily. Don’t have enough room on the shelves? Don’t worry. You can get a cute basket or a box with a closed top and store all of these items inside the closet next to your shoe rack. For smaller items, use smaller containers. Not only won’t they get lost in piles of other stuff, but they also won’t waste space inside of a large basket. You can also buy a small side table or cabinet and put it next to your door or shoe shelf. For frequently used items like a shoe horn, consider placing a hook on the wall to hang it within arms reach.





If there are no shelves in the area where you are keeping your shoes, look to see if you have any vertical space available. If you do, hang some hooks then use canvas bags to sort and hang your shoe accessories inside these bags. No vertical space? No worries! Do you have room in your closet to hang a hanging canvas organizer like this one? Place a few small baskets inside and you’ll be able to store these items neatly together.






It is best to organize your socks inside of a drawer. Roll them up and place them, standing up, neatly next to each other. You can also sort your socks based on color, length or thickness. If the socks are loose inside of the drawer, use drawer dividers or shoe boxes to keep your socks organized inside. This way they will stay put as you open and close the drawer. To avoid snags, it’s best to use lined baskets for your hosiery. You can separate your hosiery based on type and color and sort them with your socks if there’s room. If you are short on drawer space, use a basket on a shelf instead.








If you’re out of most traditional storage space, consider using the back of your door! Hosiery, socks, shoe care products and most other shoe accessories can be stored in a behind the door hanging unit. Place it inside your closet or bedroom door.


Happy Organizing!

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