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10 Scrumptious Brunch Bar Ideas


Hosting a brunch is so much fun, especially when it comes to planning a menu. You have so many options to choose from and you can be your most creative self. When the ladies of M2O plan brunches, anything from breakfast to lunch recipes are fair game. Many brunch favorites can be presented in an awesome bar style that you can set up for guests ahead of time to serve themselves. Buffet style setups will allow the host more time to enjoy the party and guests the freedom to fix their own plate how they want, when they want. We searched the net and here are some awesome brunch bar ideas, perfect for any type of gathering.


Brunch Bagel Buffet

The bagel brunch buffet is awesome because it can be prepped beforehand or even the night before. What a great idea! The options for this kind of buffet are endless. From all kinds of cream cheeses and veggies, to bacon, salmon and so on. These items can easily fit with the rest of your brunch menu. Use the vertical space on your table by using some cake stands or stackable trays to display your bagels.




Waffle Bar

Yum! Waffles are a main dish and a dessert, all in one. Prepare the waffles in advance or set up your waffle iron and a pitcher of batter so your guests can make them fresh. Combine sweet and savory items as your toppings. Fresh cut fruits will accompany this dish well and can also be used as fruit for munching.  Being able to customize your own waffle is something everyone loves. Chicken and waffles is one of the hottest brunch dishes after all!






Yogurt Bar

Will you have guests at your brunch who eat light, vegetarian or gluten free? Then this one is for you. A yogurt and parfait bar is a great complement to any brunch because it’s so refreshing, fun and kid friendly. Add chopped fresh fruit, granola and chopped nuts on the side in cute little bowls. Be sure to have plenty of spoons on hand since a fork just won’t do!






Omelette Bar

What can be more fun and exciting than picking fillings for your omelette to have it prepared just the way you like it. This idea is perfect for all types of eaters including vegetarians, meat lovers, picky eaters or those who like to mix things up. Although this idea is best suited for smaller gatherings, you might be able to manage a bigger crowd by making these easy oven made mini omelettes to save you time. Make a variety of combinations, Just make sure to label them so everyone can take their pick.




Crepe Bar

OUI! OUI! A shout out to the fabulously elegant crepe bar. Although this one might be better suited for a seasoned chef, practice your crepe making skills and its totally worth it! Think of all the amazing flavors you can create! Fresh fruit, syrups and jams compliment delicate crepes. We also recommend making your own whipped cream. It’s easy and you can control the level of sweetness and thickness. A crepe bar will make your guests feel like the creative artists that they are.






Donut Bar

We could not leave the donut bar off this brunch list. Make your own donuts from scratch or buy them at your local bakery. Start with a plain vanilla or chocolate donut so you can top them with any number of flavors. Donuts with unlimited ideas for flavors? Sign us up! Try serving them with powdered sugar and Nutella. This brunch idea is pure happiness shaped in the form of donuts!





No-Bake Cheesecake Bar

This one had us at no-bake. Anything that can be prepped in advance sounds good to us. We really value the time that can be saved by preparation and minimal cooking time. This buffet style is already a win-win situation. The results are so good looking and delicious that it has “all time favorite setup” written all over it.




Mimosa Bar

What is a brunch if there is no bubbly involved? Dress up your mimosa bar for your next brunch with innovative juice options like mango/pear/lychee flavors. Consider using plastic flutes if you’re having an outdoor or highly attended affair. Brightly colored cut up fruits can adorn your glasses and bring big smiles to the faces of your guests.





Bloody Mary Bar

Nothing can go wrong with a fresh bloody mary on a sunny or rainy day! Over the years we have seen many versions of this tasty drink created.  The base is always the same but the creativity comes in with all the fun garnishes that you can add.  Include the favorites like celery sticks, olives, pickles and hot sauce or go crazy with it. This one is hard to mess up so try it out.





Hot Chocolate Bar

If you are hosting a Christmas brunch, this one is a must have at your party. It will work at any brunch non-summertime brunch however. With options such as marshmallows, peppermint sticks or liqueurs, both kids and adults can enjoy this hot chocolate bar to the fullest. Give this one a try. As we all know, the road to bliss is paved with chocolate.





As you may have noticed, many of these brunch bar ideas can easily be combined with other brunch dishes or with each other. For example, many of the toppings for a waffle bar are the same for a mimosa bar. Set up more than one to create more matches! Let these ideas be your muse and create your own masterpiece brunch. We would love to see pictures of your brunch creations. Feel free to share them in the comment section below. Happy Brunching!

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