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How to Remember Birthdays That Matter


The saying goes that people may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. A simple gesture such as remembering someone’s birthday and sending birthday wishes is a surefire way to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy on their special day. Not to mention the good feeling you will get when you have the chance to celebrate and appreciate your friends and family. There are many ways to remember and remind ourselves of special events like someone’s birthday. Try a few of these ideas and you will never forget an important day again.




You can use online calendars, reminders, to do list apps and other online services to record the dates you wish to remember. These online programs have many features such as customized reminders, reoccurrence settings, printability, transferability as well as sharing capabilities across formats. Features like these are the main reason that online options are ideal for keeping track of events. The best part is that it’s one-time entry. By setting up events to repeat in any manner you want (like annually for birthdays), you’re set for life. You may not even have to download a new application. Many of our communication devices are already equipped with calendars and reminders. However, should you choose to, a quick search online or on the app store will help you to find many free or paid programs that you can use for this purpose.






A calendar or a day planner is the old school way of remembering important days. Before the days of social media and online technology, I used to sit down at the beginning of each year and transfer all of my important dates to a new year’s planner or calendar. It was quite the task to copy each event and stay current for the coming year. It is great that nowadays I can do it once electronically and everything is pretty much recorded forever. However I have to confess, I do miss the joy of remembering all of the people I love and care about on the day that I copy the dates from an old calendar to a new one. We all operate differently. If keeping track of things on paper is still the best system for you, then that is how you should keep track of important dates.






No matter which way you decide to keep track of birthdays or other important dates, you need to have a reminder system in place. Setting a reminder is how you can ensure you will never miss an important date and are prepared for the day’s arrival. With online options, you can easily create customized reminders for each event. For offline options, it all depends on your habit of checking your calendar or planner. You can review your agenda at the beginning of each month and record reminders by adding the event on your calendar. It is a good idea to have a visual reminder like a whiteboard or physical calendar on display for your whole household to see. The advance notice you need depends on how you want to celebrate your loved one’s special day. For example, if you are planning to send a package or plan a getaway, you will need earlier reminders than if you are going to attend a party or make a phone call to celebrate. Whatever method you choose, reminders are the key to  proper follow through.


We wish you many birthday parties, celebrations and joyful moments shared with people you love for all years to come, the more you remember and cherish them the more happy life will be.

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