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5 Clever Cleaning Storage Products

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If you love to clean but have trouble keeping your cleaning products organized, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite cleaning storage products that can easily corral your supplies and remove the headache of storing them!

These are not the only cleaning storage products that can help you maintain order,  but we love using them with our M2O clients. They are clever and cost-effective solutions we think you’ll want to use too!

Clever Cleaning Storage Products

Over-the-Door Organizer

We love a good over-the-door organizer for holding just about everything! From shoes to toys to scarves, this is a must-have organizing product. And it works well as storage for your cleaning products, too! You can hang one in your laundry room for quick access to your cleaning supplies or in any space in your home where you frequently grab cleaning products to freshen up that area.

You can choose an over-the-door organizer that has clear pockets (pictured below) or one that has adjustable baskets. Whichever way you go, taking advantage of vertical space is always a great idea!



Under-the-Sink Solutions

It makes sense to store your homemade or store-bought cleaning solutions under the sink in your kitchen or bathroom, but the pipes don’t always make it easy to do that. However, we’ve found a few storage solutions that solve that dilemma by circumventing those troublesome tubes! Check out this 2 tier expandable shelf organizer (top) and the 2 tier sliding storage drawers which we use in our client’s homes all the time. No more wasted space or toppled bottles!

Cleaning Caddy

If you need to cart your cleaning products around the house, then we highly recommend a cleaning caddy! With one of these, you can maneuver from room to room with all your supplies in one convenient, handled container.  There are many different options, but we recommend choosing one with a solid handle that is easy to wipe clean (for any spills) and big enough for all of your cleaning essentials.


Broom Holder

Are you tired of digging around in your cleaning cleaning closet for your mops and brooms only to have them slide down the wall and bop you in the head? A wall-mounted holder can make storing and retrieving your mops and brooms a breeze! They come in a variety of styles, materials and clasps so you are certain to find one that works best for you. The best part is that when you start hanging, you free up so much valuable floor space!



Deep Bins

For storing your rags, e-cloths, sponges or other small cleaning products, we highly recommend deep, clear bins. They are sturdy, have handles for easy retrieval and the clear plastic makes it easy to see what’s inside. The surface is easy to wipe any spills or leaks. The ability to stack them is a plus, too! But do you want to know the best part? They are so deep (14 inches) that they fit perfectly in those deep lower counter cabinets and in those super deep pantries where regular bins just won’t do.



Cleaning may be a chore, but keeping your cleaning supplies organized doesn’t have to be! Use these cleaning storage products to better manage your supplies and keep things orderly.

Which of these cleaning storage products could you use to better maintain your supplies?


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