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Meet the Team

Learn more about the hardworking team driving M2O!

Schae Lewis, CPO®

Schae Lewis, CPO® is a Certified Professional Organizer and the Owner of Mission 2 Organize. She launched the business in 2010 with her best friend and is now the sole owner of the thriving business. On the job, Schae is a spark of joy, singing and dancing while organizing spaces to perfection but mostly you will find her in her home office keeping her team running smoothly. She is an active volunteer, leader and inspiration in the organizing industry. In her free time, she loves staying fit by kayaking, riding her bicycle and snuggling with her cat. Schae and her husband also stay busy traveling to far off destinations like the Philippines, Colombia and Spain!

Mackenzie Scott, CPO®
Operations Manager & Lead Organizer

Mackenzie Scott, CPO® a Certified Professional Organizer that has been part of the Mission 2 Organize team since 2015. However, helping others get organized is a lifelong passion. She is Schae’s trusty sidekick and known as Mack Attack throughout her roles as Operations Manager and Lead Organizer. With a smile on her face and stellar communication skills as her secret weapon, Mackenzie expertly executes both. When she's not working on all things M2O, Mack channels her extra “can-do” energy into volunteering, public speaking, and finding innovative ways to support the organizing industry. Outside work, you can find her nerding out to a good book series with her Husband, starting a new craft project, or participating in a trivia league with friends!

Chloe Streif,
Lead Organizer

With unwavering enthusiasm and a genuine passion for her work, Chloe Streif feels fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue a career aligned with her true calling. In previous jobs, within real estate and stage management, she discovered her innate ability to take charge and bring order to physical spaces and operational systems within the companies she was a part of. This talent quickly propelled her to the role of Lead Organizer within M2O. Chloe takes pride in her organizational prowess, creative thinking, and efficiency, both onsite and online, as an integral part of the marketing team. Beyond her professional life, she can be found immersing herself in nerdy pursuits alongside her friends, scouring thrift shops for unique treasures, traveling, and expanding her stage combat company.

Lily Morawski,
Support Organizer

Lily Morawski is not only a Support Organizer at Mission 2 Organize; she helps in many areas of the company including cleaning and graphic design. Lily is a creative, motivated and talented graduate student who is working towards a degree in the mental health field. She understands how to incorporate her artistic and therapy worlds into her work as an organizer. Being a therapist interests her because she finds value in guiding people who are sorting out their traumas while organizing brings out the “helper” in her. Both are great ways to provide support and guidance to those in need. In her free time, Lily enjoys oil painting and creating other art projects using various media.

Open Position,
Assistant Operations

Operations Assistant position is open!

Clara Holz,
Support Organizer

Clara Holz joined the M2O team in 2022, eager to combine her eye for detail and aesthetics with her love of working on her feet. With a BA in Anthropology, she has experience observing how people live and use their space, which gives her a unique perspective when tailoring organization to people’s specific needs. She knows first hand that an organized space lends itself to an organized mind, and loves using her skills to bring that ease into people’s lives. She also believes it’s much more fun to make a mess in an organized space! In her free time, Clara enjoys making messes by playing with plants, making jam, sewing, upcycling thrifted clothing and decor and making art.

Melanie Mesker,
Support Organizer

Melanie Mesker joined Mission 2 Organize in 2022 as a Support Organizer. She has a background in public relations and content marketing and loves to help put her experience to use with M2O’s Marketing team. Melanie has always had an eye for organization and design since she was young. Her interests also include fashion, beauty and home decor. In her free time, she can be found taking her cat Jonas on walks around Lakeview. When she's not doing that, she enjoys spending time with friends exploring the hidden corners of Chicago and traveling with her boyfriend. Melanie’s two favorite things about working at M2O are organizing closets and meeting the clients’ pets.