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Rental Property Listings: What to Include to Encourage Bookings

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As Spring Break approaches, there’s no better time to capitalize on the vacation rental market. Whether you have a beachfront property or a cozy cabin in the woods, listing your rental on platforms like Airbnb and VRBO can attract potential renters. In this guide, we’ll explore the key steps to effectively list your rental property, from crafting compelling descriptions to capturing eye-catching photos.

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Choosing the Right Platform

  • There are so many platforms where you can list your rental property. Consider the unique features and audience of each platform before choosing the one that is best for you. For example, Airbnb tends to attract travelers seeking unique and local experiences, while platforms like Vrbo or HomeAway may appeal more to families looking for spacious and comfortable accommodations. 
  • Explore the features offered by each platform to customize your listing. Some platforms allow you to add detailed information about your property, including house rules, amenities, and local attractions. Look for platforms that offer comprehensive listing options to showcase the unique aspects of your property. 
  • Don’t forget to search for listing platforms based on your property’s location, as there may be regional or niche platforms that cater specifically to that area. These platforms could provide better visibility among travelers interested in staying in your specific location.

Crafting an Attractive Description

  • Write a compelling and informative property description. Highlight key features like a BBQ grill, the number of TVs, and modern appliances. Be specific in your description. For example, instead of saying “modern kitchen,” you can say “Fully equipped modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, perfect for whipping up gourmet meals.”
  • Mentioning even the littlest amenities can sometimes be just the detail that someone has been searching for. For example, is having a barbeque grill a must-have for you like it is for us? Include that detail (and many more) in your listing!
  • Be sure to mention nearby attractions and activities to entice potential renters. They may be looking for a property near an amusement park, a national forest or even just a particular neighborhood. 

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Photography Tips

  • People often make decisions based on visuals, so invest time in taking high-quality photos. Capture the sunrise over your backyard, showcase the cozy living room with the fireplace, or highlight the sleek design of your kitchen appliances. A mix of wide-angle shots and close-ups can provide a comprehensive view.
  • Make sure to use both interior and exterior shots, emphasizing amenities like the outdoor spaces and entertainment areas. Don’t forget to include aerial shots or screenshots from Google Maps to showcase the property’s location and proximity to places like the beach!
  • Key Photos to Include:
    • Exterior shots
    • Interior living spaces
    • Bedrooms and bathrooms
    • Kitchen and appliances
    • Amenities (BBQ grill, TV, etc.)
    • Backyard and outdoor spaces

For some extra inspiration, check out this video for ways to make your rental property sparkle! 

Effective Advertising

  • Why not utilize your personal social media channels to promote your rental? Share engaging posts with attractive photos of your property to encourage friends and followers to share within their networks. You never know who is looking for a place just like yours!
  • Consider running targeted ads to reach a broader audience on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Check out our blog about the best social media practices to help get you started online. Don’t forget to include occasional special offers or last-minute discounts for maximum bookings! 

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Pricing Strategy

  • Start by researching comparable rentals in your area to determine a competitive yet profitable pricing strategy. If your property has unique features or is in a prime location, you might justify a slightly higher rate. 
  • Are there peak seasons associated with your location, the weather or the nearby attractions? Those times are an opportunity to take advantage of supply and demand and charge more than usual. This likely will put your pricing in line with others in the area. Don’t miss out on this chance!
  • Consider offering early booking discounts or extended-stay promotions to attract renters for a longer timeframe.

Bonus Pro Tips

Open Communication

  • Always provide accurate and detailed information about your property, and be transparent about any rules or expectations you have for them. This builds trust and sets the foundation for a positive guest experience!
  • Promptly respond to inquiries and messages. Addressing any issues with the renter right away gives you an opportunity to redeem their experience and for them to feel like you really care.


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Request Reviews

  • After a successful stay, kindly ask guests for reviews. Positive feedback not only boosts your property’s reputation but also helps future renters make confident booking decisions. Consider offering a small incentive, like a discount on a future stay, as a thank you.
  • Though it’s never easy to receive criticism or hear about your renter’s challenges with your space, remember that you can learn a lot from their comments. Take them to heart and make changes as you see fit to be an even better host.

We hope these tips will help you seize the opportunity to showcase your rental property successfully! By implementing a compelling description, eye-catching photos, and strategic advertising, you’ll attract potential guests and make your rental stand out. Happy hosting!

How will you enhance your listing to make it really shine? Share your property with us!


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