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5 Workshop Organizing Products That Make a Big Impact




Organizing a functional workshop can feel like a lot of work, but fear not, fellow DIY warrior! With the right organizing products, you can transform your workshop from chaotic to cool in no time. Here are five handpicked workshop organizing products that will truly make a big impact!



1. Hooks

Hooks are the secret superheroes of any organizing project, particularly workshop organization. These bad boys can hold just about anything you throw at them (well, hang on them). Here’s why they should be your new best friends:

  • Space Savers: Free up that precious workbench and floor space by hanging your tools. Think of it as vertical zen.
  • Accessibility: Tools at your fingertips, no more playing hide and seek with your smaller items!
  • Customizable: Move them around whenever you get that urge to redecorate your workshop.

Hook Hacks:

  • Use large hooks for heavyweight champs like sledgehammers and garden tools.
  • Install small hooks near your workbench for MVPs like hammers, wrenches, and scissors.
  • Try installing a system like FasTrak that allows for full customization with a multitude of different hook types.





2. Pegboard

Pegboards aren’t just for your grandma’s kitchen anymore. This perforated powerhouse lets you unleash your inner artist while organizing. Here’s why a pegboard is the ultimate power wall:

  • Versatility: Arrange hooks, shelves, and bins in any crazy configuration your heart desires.
  • Visibility: With everything on display, you’ll always know what’s in stock and what’s AWOL.
  • Expandability: As your tool collection grows, so can your pegboard masterpiece.

Pegboard Pointers:

  • Paint it funky colors to match your workshop’s vibe—who said organizing can’t be stylish?
  • Use pegboard accessories like baskets and mini shelves for those odd-shaped items.
  • Create zones for different tools: a hammer haven, a screwdriver sanctuary, and a plier palace.





3. Storage Shelving

Storage shelving is the bread and butter of workshop organization. These sturdy shelves can hold all your big, heavy tools and supplies. Here’s why shelving is a big deal:

  • Organization: Gives everything a home, making your workshop look like a pro’s paradise.
  • Accessibility: Open shelves mean no more mystery boxes—everything is right there for the taking.
  • Maximization: Stack ‘em high! Use that vertical space to your advantage.

Shelving Strategies:

  • Get shelves that allow you to adjust the height of each tier. Then you can fit all your funky sized tools and machines in one place. 
  • Label shelves to make sure everything goes back to its rightful place.
  • Use clear bins on shelves, making it easy to see what’s inside without playing the guessing game.






4. Drawers

Drawers are like the hidden gems of your workshop, keeping everything neatly tucked away yet easily accessible when you need it. Plus you can easily label them!

  • Clutter Control: Keep those pesky little items out of sight and out of mind.
  • Variety: Try a heavy duty tool bench for heavy or clunky items, or a bunch of tiny drawers to separate all your screws. 
  • Security: Lockable drawers for the win, keeping your valuable or dangerous tools safe and sound.

Drawer Details:

    • Drawer organizers and dividers are your new BFFs—perfect for keeping your small parts from rolling around, and your bigger items from crashing into each other. 
    • Assign drawers for different tool types, so you know where to go when you’re looking for something specific. 
    • Go the extra mile with labels on the outside—never wonder where that Phillips head went again.




5. Waterproof Totes

Waterproof totes are the knights in shining armor of the organizing world. They keep your stuff safe from the elements, no matter how rough things get. Here’s why totes are totes amazing:

  • Protection: Keep your tools and supplies safe from water, dust, and dirt—no more rusty wrenches!
  • Portability: Easy to transport, making them great for mobile workshops or outdoor projects.
  • Durability: Built to last, these totes can handle whatever your workshop throws at them.

Totes Tips:

  • Clear totes for the win—see what’s inside without opening every single one.
  • Label totes for quick identification, especially if they’re stacked or stored up high.
  • Use different sizes for different needs: small for bits and pieces, large for power tools.







With these five fantastic organizing products, your workshop will go from chaos to cool in no time. Hooks, pegboards, storage shelving, drawers, and waterproof totes each offer unique benefits that help maximize space, improve efficiency, and protect your tools and supplies.

Check out our YouTube video this month as our professional organizers take you on a trip to Home Depot to help you pick out the best options for your workspace.

So, what are you waiting for? Get organizing and let your workshop shine!

Did we miss anything? What are your favorite products to use in your workshop? Let us know in the comments below!

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