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Manicure Organizing Supplies That Slap




Hey there, nail aficionados! If your polish collection is taking over your space, it’s time to get organized in style. We’re diving into some of the coolest and most practical manicure organizing supplies that will have you saying, “Mani, I need that!”

Polish Perfection: The Nail Polish Organizer


Keep your lacquers lined up like a pro with a nail polish organizer. There are many ways to organize your nail supplies, but we recommend choosing something that suits your collection size and space. 

Some organizers come in a zip up carrying case, and have adjustable compartments and built-in dividers, perfect for keeping your bottles upright and easy to access. There is also the option to display them neatly on your vanity or file them into clear drawer organizers so they’re not rolling around. If you invest in a good nail polish organizer, you can save money down the road by knowing what you own. 

Here’s a pro tip: keep your nail polish case near where you tend to do your nails the most. The optimal spot might not be the bathroom, but instead a cozy nook near the TV. This way you can multitask, enjoying your favorite shows while giving yourself a fabulous manicure.


On-the-Go Glam: Travel Size Manicure Kit


Don’t let your nails suffer on your adventures! Grab a portable travel kit and keep your tips in top shape wherever you roam. It’s a must-have for anyone who’s always on the move and wants their nails to be too! 

Portable manicure kits typically include essential tools like nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, a nail file, and a few of your favorite shades all housed in a compact case. 

Look for a kit that is durable and well-organized, so you can touch up your nails on the fly. With a portable manicure kit in your bag, you’ll always be ready for a quick nail fix, whether you’re traveling or just out and about.


Rack ‘Em Up: Nail Polish Rack


Got a polish collection that’s growing faster than your nails? A nail polish display might be the answer! Make your own home into a nail salon to show off your shades and make it easy to keep them organized.

Nail polish racks come in various styles and sizes. Consider the space you have before purchasing. Which do you have, more wall space or more table space? Make sure to verify the bottle capacity of each display case and measure the space beforehand to ensure you find a stylish and practical option.

A nail polish rack not only keeps your bottles organized but also adds a decorative touch to your nail care space. With a display like this, you can easily see all your shades at a glance and pick the perfect color for your next manicure.



Glam It Up: Nail Art Supplies


Do your manicures exceed a simple paint job? If nail brushes are your BFF, we’ve got the perfect thing to help you keep them organized. First, check to see if there is extra space in a nail organizing system you already own, like a nail polish organizer case. If you can keep all of your nail art supplies together, it will make it easier to find everything. Otherwise, a small brush pouch will keep your bristles clean and organized. 

If your nail art is next level, you might need something a little more intricate. There are many craft kits out there that are meant to hold brushes and other art supplies. If you have a lot of tools, beads, gems, and other small items, having a case with many individual compartments will be the best option for you. 




Light It Up: UV/LED Nail Lamp


Gel polish lovers, rejoice! A UV or LED nail lamp is here to save the day. Say goodbye to smudges and hello to long-lasting shine. If no chip is your way to slay, then you’re going to need a good way to store it. 

See if you can find a dedicated spot near your nail polish station where you can keep your lamp permanently set up and ready to use. If you’re unable to keep it out, find a hard shell nail polish organizer with space to hold your lamp. That way it will keep your lamp safe and easy to transport. Don’t forget to designate a space to store the extra bulbs! 



With these fun and spunky organizing supplies, your manicure game will be stronger than ever. Get ready to nail it every time, because when your manicure supplies are on point, there’s no stopping you! So go ahead, treat yourself to some new nail goodies, and get ready to slay the nail game!


What is your favorite nail organizing product?


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