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Sustainable Spring Cleaning Made Simple


It’s the season for spring cleaning! Whether you want to dust off the cobwebs, refresh some unforgotten space, or you just love spring cleaning, now is a great time to do it.

But do you have the best cleaning products for the job?

It’s no secret that many of today’s cleaning products contribute a lot of waste to the environment. At Mission 2 Organize we try to use sustainable cleaning products so that we get the best sparkle while simultaneously caring for the earth.

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you rethink what you may be using and how to begin a more sustainable cleaning practice.

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Alternative Spring Cleaning Products

While they may make our houses look good and smell delightful, many traditional cleaning products have a negative impact on the environment. In addition to harsh chemicals, cleaning products contribute plastic waste which is a major threat to our oceans and wildlife. Many of them come in single-use plastic containers that we throw away, usually improperly, or they don’t disintegrate properly allowing tons of microplastics into our water systems.

So what can you do to reduce your personal impact or footprint on the environment when spring cleaning?

  • Use refillable bottles instead of single use
  • Buy reusable cloths instead of disposable wipes or paper towels
  • Make your own cleaning solutions

Sounds great, but is it easy to do? Yes, and we’ll show you how!

Generic cleaning solutions

Refillable Bottles

While the concept is widely popular with drinking bottles, it’s also a good idea to use refillable bottles with your cleaning supplies. According to Mission 2 Organize’s Clara Holz, here are some ways you can take advantage of these bottles:

  • Buy large bottles of cleaning concentrates like the concentrates from Grove, Simple Green or tabs from Blueland; you can also buy them online and at a variety of stores like Target, the Dollar Store or Home Depot.
  • Larger spray bottles with measurements on the side are great for concentrates that need a specific amount of water added to them.
  • Smaller spray bottles work best for at home use as they take up less space but you’ll have to refill them more frequently.
Refillable cleaning bottle

Reusable Cloths

Instead of using paper towels or one-and-done wipes, why not consider using reusable cloths? Clara also has a few suggestions for how to make and use them:

  • Cut up old t-shirts. This is a great way to recycle them and they can be used as cleaning cloths for wood, spills or shoe polish.
  • Use Swedish dishcloths as they are a triple threat: biodegradable, reusable and washable! They easily replace sponges, paper towels, hand wipes, dish rags, cleaning cloths and dusters.
Reusable wash cloths

Homemade Spring Cleaning Solutions

Although they may seem inferior to store-bought products, making your own cleaning solutions with everyday household items can actually get the job done better and are safer for the environment.

Below are some of Clara’s favorites, as well as how to use them:

  • Powerhouse everyday items you can use: White vinegar (disinfecting, removing stains), baking soda (scrubbing, whitening, deodorizing), lemons (antiseptic, antibacterial, deodorizing) – alone or in various combinations, these items can clean pretty much anything!
  • To remove gunk or sticker residue combine baking soda and vegetable oil to create a paste. Apply, let sit, then rub off. Repeat as needed or leave on longer.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on oil or pet stains. Let it sit and soak up, then vacuum it away.
  • For an everyday cleaning solution, leave leftover lemon peels in vinegar for a few days. Remove the peels and voila, you have a fresh smelling cleaning solution!
  • Need an all-natural air freshener? Simmer some lemon peels to bring a citrusy smell to any space.
Homemade spring 
cleaning solutions

Taking care of your home and the environment doesn’t have to be tricky! Use these tips and ideas to make your house sparkling clean and show some love to Mother Nature.

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