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RV Organizing: Maximizing Small Storage Spaces


When summer rolls around, there’s nothing better than heading outdoors! Whether you’re sleeping in a tent, glamping in a yurt or pulling out in an RV,  camping adventures await. But don’t let disorganization spoil your fun!

At Mission 2 Organize, we want to ensure you have the best camping experience possible.  Although each type of “camping” has different organizing systems, we’re focusing on RV organizing this month and how you can maximize the small storage spaces an RV offers.

Tips and Tricks for RV Organizing

It’s no secret that RVs are great for long journeys on the road. They offer more comfort and space and allow you to have a vast amount of freedom. To get the most out of your RV’s storage space, keep these organizing tips in mind:

1. Stack and seal. The best way to maximize storage space in your RV is to use products that stack or nest. Pots and pans that stack (pictured below) inside one another are a great solution. You’ll also want to keep items from moving around while you’re cruising at high speeds, so make sure to line your shelves with non-skid material.

Pots and pans for RV organizing
Nesting pots and pans


2. Be creative. With limited space in your RV,  you’ll want to use every square inch available. This means that sometimes, you need to be creative with your storage. One idea is to consider different uses for everyday items. For example, when you aren’t using the microwave, it’s a perfect container for housing your bread! What other outside-of-the-box spots could you use to maintain order?

Creative Storage Solutions for RV organizing

3. Grab and go. Camping of any kind requires you to be portable with your stuff. When loading up your RV, think of organizing products that you can grab and go to make it easier to move about. Consider using a shower caddy (pictured below) to transport your toiletries, or purchase a quick-dry towel so you don’t have to find a space to let it air out or wait for it to dry before you head out again.

Portable shower caddy

4. Think multi-purpose. RV organizing requires many of your items to do double duty. When shopping for your trip, look for products that can serve a multitude of purposes, such as soap that you can use to wash your dishes AND to wash yourself. Yes, you can do both with Ultra Blue Dawn!!

5. Place items strategically. When you’re allocating items to different spaces in your RV, think strategically.  Place things you use regularly, such as your folding chairs or cooler, upfront or within easy reach. Your fishing rods, however, can probably be buried a little deeper since you may not use them all the time. By packing with “usage” in mind, it will be easier for you to find what you need when you need it!

6. Keep track. Moving around frequently in an RV means that there’s the possibility of some things getting left behind. Rather than return home empty-handed, have a whiteboard or a printed list of your belongings to keep track of your items. This way you won’t accidentally peel out and leave your favorite folding chair at the campsite!

Checklist for RV organizing

Camping with an RV is a great way to see more of the world around you. But don’t let the task of organizing your RV ruin the experience. Use these tips and tricks to keep your RV in order so you not only maximize your space but your fun and sanity as well!

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