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Multi-functional Furniture That Transforms Small Spaces


Organizing is all about finding the best solution for the space you have available. Utilizing multi-functional furniture is like having a golden ticket to create the most efficiently organized space possible. The reason we give multi-functional furniture such a high praise is its ability to create storage solutions as well as save space. There is furniture specially designed for multi-functional uses as well as pieces that can be modified to serve such a purpose.

In this article, we are going to show you some of these magical pieces and give you ideas on how to utilize them for your own small space or tiny home.



Storage beds are right here at the top of our list of multi-functional furniture. Some of these beds have drawers underneath while others have a top that completely lifts up as shown in the images to the left. The best part about having a bed built with features like these is that the storage area is more easy to access and it is mostly closed off from dirt and debris. If your bed does not have this feature, you can get bed risers and use under bed containers for extra storage space. Murphy beds are also great space savers. There is a newer model that features a shelf and table while hiding a bed inside for when you need it.


Benches and Ottomans

Benches and ottomans are considered multi-functional because not only do they create a sitting area for you but they also have storage underneath or inside. These solutions typically have drawers, baskets or lids that reveal hollow insides which provide closed storage space for a wide variety of items. Depending on your available area, try a full bench or opt for a smaller cube. Expand your understanding of multi-functional furniture with this innovative ottoman cube and versatile hide-a-bed!


Tables and Coffee Tables 

Tables with drawers are useful multi-functional pieces. Folding tables can be hidden away in a small nook and then turned into a full table when you need it. Side tables with shelves and magazine holders are useful as an open surface as well as for magazine/book storage. There are also some fun pieces to discover. How about a mirror that transforms into a table? Or a table that hides two chairs?! You just might realize that a lift-top coffee table is the quintessential piece you’ve always been dreaming of.


Furniture with Hooks

Hooks are an underutilized organizing solution. Shelves that come with hooks are super convenient not only for storage but to display decor as well. You can create the same function yourself by attaching hooks to the side of your own shelves. Adding hooks to kitchen cabinets means you can hang aprons or pot holders saving you drawer space. In fact, slap a hook on any piece of furniture and, voilà, you have a piece that is multi-functional!


Futon Beds and Chairs 

Many of us, at some point, have owned one of these multi-purpose chairs or sofas. They are ideal for small spaces. By day they are used as a sitting area and by night you or your guests can turn them into a bed for sleeping. There are some that even come with drawers underneath so you can store the pillows and sheets inside of them. 


Mirrors with Storage Inside 

Medicine cabinets and jewelry boxes with mirrors on the front are prime examples of multi-functional furniture. They house your items with their storage space and help you to apply the very items they store by providing a mirror on the outside. Besides, who couldn’t use an extra mirror or two in their home?

Lamps with Storage

Lamps provide indirect lighting to cozy spaces. Some tall lamps even come with shelves underneath. There are a number of things you can store on these shelves like books, picture frames or a diffuser. Get a few decorative, closed baskets to put on the shelves and they’ve now turned into “drawers” where you can hide the contents!


In many modern designs, you’ll notice that companies are constructing some pretty outrageous creations. Think chairs that can turn into ladders when needed or even chairs like this one that house shelving units. That is the beauty of multi-functional pieces; you can use them in any way you need them when necessary.


We just gave you some examples of the most common multi-functional pieces but a quick search online can reveal many more options for you that may solve all of your problems. Check out this blog from Redfin for more creative ideas. There are shops that specialize in this type of construction and others make custom pieces designed specifically for your needs. Opt for very simple architecture or splurge on a complicated piece. Either way, there are many ingenious solutions for any place especially small spaces and tiny homes.

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