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What to Do with Your Linens When You Don’t Have a Linen Closet


Out of all the categories that need permanent storage solutions in our home, linens make the top of the list for sure. We all have and need linens. However, not all of us are blessed with a linen closet. Living without a space to store this necessary evil can truly be a curse. But don’t worry! All you need to break the curse of the linens is to get a little creative.

Maximize Closet Space

Any extra closet space can be converted to linen storage. For some of us, it’s the top of the bedroom closet and for others it’s the guest room closet. For the most part, linens don’t needed to be accessed daily so even if they have to go on top of a vertical and hard to reach space such as top of your closet, it’s still fine. If the space you are choosing only has one shelf, add another one if possible. If adding a shelf is not an option, place some baskets or boxes on their side next to each other to create a cubby. This will hold your stack so it’s easier to retrieve items and put them away without everything toppling over. If you really don’t have any closet space to spare, there are bathroom cabinets, cubed boxes and many more options that can work with your space even if it’s small.

Utilize Furniture

Pieces of furniture, anything from an old trunk to a bench with storage at the bottom of your bed, can be a good solution. Multifunctional furniture (such as a bench with storage or a bed with storage drawers) is always the best solution especially if you are limited on closet space. If you decide to use tall cabinets or wall cubes in your bedroom or bathroom, it’s best to get ones that have closed doors. After all, you don’t want your linens to get dusty after a clean, fresh wash!

Spread the Wealth

As much as we love and promote keeping items together, sometimes based on limited space you have to break a big category into smaller groups to find solutions for storing your items. If you have to, break your linens into categories (sheets, towels, tablecloths, etc) so each space can hold one. For example, the bottom drawer in your guest room dresser would be the best place to store guest room sheets and guest towels. Make sure to pick the deepest drawer or the deepest shelf for linens in each room.


If you are really out of shelved spaces that you can store your linens but you do have space to hang them, do it! Get sturdy hangers and hang the sets together. This system actually works really well for tablecloths and runners. 

As organizers when we have to create storage areas out of thin air, we always bring our spacial awareness and problem solving skills to the table. No unused space can escape our sharp eyes.

In our blog post about Ways to Create Extra Seasonal Storage Space we touch on this topic a little bit. Imagine a game of hide and seek. If you were to hide in your room, where would you go where you wouldn’t be seen? Behind a door? Under the bed? These are good places to store your items. When you find your own magical unused space, you’ll know it was meant to be the perfect storage solution.

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