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Escape the Cubicle


Business endeavors and day-to-day office procedures can be taxing on one’s mind and body. Every employee surely desires to unwind, relax, and enjoy themselves. Instead of throwing a basic office get together, plan an event that will grasp employee’s attention and ease their minds from deadlines and projects. Treating employees also shows them that you value their work and that they are appreciated. If you really want to show them a good time, you might want to treat them to an extravagant and luxurious trip to Aqwa (https://www.aqwa.com.au/functions/corporate-events). It’s sure to be a memorable day! It’s nice to end the year with a bang and show employees that they are valued; Blueboard has advice on everything from employee gifts to experiences they can enjoy.

This event should bring out the personality from behind the desk and duties. Parties of any sort tend to be costly; however, you can pull off a successful event with insightful creativity and preparation. Here are some ideas to inspire your next memorable corporate gathering.


  • Create personable invitations, flyers, or post cards, keeping formal guidelines in mind. Companies such as Vistaprint or SendOutCards allow you to customize invites, order, or mail it in a few clicks.
  • Be sure to send digital announcements through a few sources as an avid reminder. Take advantage of Facebook or Twitter. Send out e-mails or Evite invitations.

Set the Tone

Choose a venue for its ambiance and amenities. Your selection will articulate the nature of the event.

  • For a classic wine and dine experience, choose a restaurant with a lounge and/or rooftop deck. Inquire about party packages or all inclusive specials.
  • For a more so relaxing gathering, have a spa party or plan a day in nature (parks or gardens).
  • Museums, theaters, or cultural centers are interesting and intellectually captivating.
  • Lofts and studios are open concept spaces you can transform to your liking.
  • Avoid hosting at a location that resembles an office or corporate environment, such as conference rooms in hotels or other facilities.

A Central Theme

What can attendees look forward to?

  • Do you want to feature a certain kind of cuisine, hors d’oeuvre/small plates, beverages, or desserts? If so, choose a restaurant, venue, or catering service to provide it.
  • Should guests enjoy the sounds of nature, conversation, lectures/tours, or a local DJ? Whichever desired, make this the destination or highlight of the event.
  • Invite the entertainment. Book a guest speaker, band, or soloist.


Throw in a few bonuses and wrap up the event with a little charm.

  • Have a raffle or game with prizes! Winners can walk away with an extra day off work, a free lunch, or gift card(s)?
  • Always include a little sweetness. Carve out a spot for candy, baked goods, or chocolate treats. Attendees will sweetly thank you.

Whatever theme or destination you choose, the goal is to show your employees a token of appreciation. Give them an enjoyable experience.

By: Lindsey J. Kunz

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