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Lessons in Extreme Minimalism

As business owners, we spend quite a bit of time on our computers. There are newsletters to write, clients to email and blog posts to develop. While we don’t recommend trying to multi-task, we often will have the tv on while we work. The types of shows that are appropriate for this circumstance are ones…

The People of NAPO2017

  As I packed my bag for yet another conference of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO), I wondered what my big take away would be in 2017. Each year, I end up bringing home new inspiration that breathes life into my passion for organizing. It also reinforces my desire to continue…

Happy Friday!

    Slow down. Calm down. Don’t worry, Don’t hurry, trust the process. ” Alexandra Stoddard”


“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” Hans Hofmann

DIY Organizing: Vintage Rake Head!

  Do you love rustic looks as much as you love recycling and getting organized? If so then these 2 DIY projects can be a great source of inspiration for you. Now you have a reason to stop the car at the antique shop on your next road trip. I know I will!

Christmas Candy Bar!

 Here is a simple, fun dessert for your next party.  A lovely candy bar! Use a mix and match of glass jars or vases to display your colorful candy selection. Add some little scoops, treat bags and twist ties so guests can serve themselves or take some sweets home with them. You can customize this…

To Be a Cat!

We’d like to introduce you to Sir. He likes chillin’ in the bathroom. Tell us on the blog comment, ” What do you think is on his mind in this pic?”


De-clutter your mind and your surroundings so you can sit quietly and enjoy the butterflies of happiness!

Tea lovers!

  In the chaos of things, we might really forget what Valentine is all about!  Take a break from it all; from rushed Valentine’s Day shopping and juggling cards. Instead enjoy a moment of pure connection over a cup of tea. Warm up the heart and strengthen the bonds with a cup of tea.   Spice…

DIY: It can be repurposed!

  Take advantage of your vertical space, repurpose, contain and stay organized while you decorate! What more could a girl would want? Here is a project that you can do in under 15 minutes. Give your utensil drawer a makeover and your kitchen some character. Decorate the cans with fun pieces of scrap paper in…

DIY Toy Storage From Holly Mathis!

You can use this storage system for anything around the house. They can be used for craft projects or office supplies but they will work great for toys too (especially Legos)!! Besides the fact that they are stylish, cheap and easy to make, here comes the best part…they easily roll under the bed or out…

Ribbon Organizer

Ribbon Organizer: Cost about $4.00 We are always inspired by projects like this ribbon organizer fromSpunky Junky or  the one below from re-nest. These could be no cost to you because you may already have these items in your home! You may want to dress up the tea box with some wrapping paper too. Here at M2O we…

Office in a Chest

Whether you are working from home or not, you will end up needing some office space to store away bills or keep supplies. Nothing is better than having an office space AND being able to store it away at any time. This simple DIY project might be exactly what you need! @ Martha

Old Suitcase, New Journey!

    For the next picnic have the most stylish, earth friendly and dear to heart picnic basket. Check out this DIY project on how to turn an old suitcase in to a picnic basket! @funkytime

“Mission first, people first”

Volunteers are individuals who reach out beyond the confines of their normal responsibilities to contribute their time and energy to bettering the lives of others. Volunteering can be a simple task but the effects our immeasurable. Imerman Angels is a non-profit organization that provides personalized connections that enable 1-on-1 support among cancer fighters, survivors, and…

Another Way To Use Your Cabinet…

    We absolutely love multifunctional furniture and if it’s also a stylish piece, we give it double points. So now you know why we got so excited when we came across this DIY project on WhipperBerry’s blog. Saving money on meals and groceries are just a few of the many benefits of organizing and…

DIY Valentine Fruit Sticker

What a unique idea! You can download the PDF files for Valentine’s stickers. Read more about this project at TWIG & THISTLE. Now you can whisper your love all day long. Get creative and leave stickers in different places to be found by your one and only!

Make Over Your Filing Cabinet

When it comes to decluttering your office the biggest challenge is the piles and piles of paper work. Our first piece of advice to our clients always is to invest on a good size filing cabinet. We help them to create a filing system that works for their particular projects. Here you can find some…

Save The Trees, Look Stylish!

Here are some cute ideas on ways that you can use some of that recovered GIFT WRAP from all of your presents.

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