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Would you like a cup of tea?


We love tea and therefore afternoon tea parties! A hot cup of tea is the best thing we can think of drinking on a breezy fall evening. The history behind the tradition of afternoon tea and the sentiment of sharing a cup of tea with a friend while dressing up in fancy hats are just some of the reasons that make afternoon tea parties sound so cool. The fact that tea parties can be as simple as a cup of tea and some sweets or as lavish as a pot of tea and an array of savory and sweet treats, means that you can make it easy to plan.

You can have just one guest or as many as you like and it still feels like a party. In the busy days close to the holiday, tea parties can be the best way to stay social and entertain while saving time for other holiday duties. This DIY table cloth project from arOka.com is just too perfect for a fall tea party table. Scatter some colorful fall leafs from your garden on this table. Then all you need is to invite the mad hatter and get lost in good times at Wonderland with a good cup of tea.

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