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Ways to Create Extra Seasonal Storage Space


For most of us living in urban apartments, having an actual storage area is an unattainable dream. But fear not! You might have hidden locations that you’ve overlooked when it comes to finding a space to store your seasonal gear. I have lived in the same apartment for 8 years now. You would think that by now I would have utilized every inch of this place to store my items. There have been a few instances when I have looked around and thought the same thing. Yet time and time again, I’ve found new areas that can be created out of thin air. If you have a lot of unused items in your apartment, you also may find that you need help with storage and try to get a storage container rental to help you store your belongs while you decide what to do with them, this could also help to free up space in your home. Here are a few ways to fabricate new storage areas in your home.



Multi-functional Furniture

When you contemplate bringing order to a small place, think of how a swiss army knife is made. It’s efficient because it stacks several tools in a small casing and many of the parts are multi-functional. Multi-functional furniture works exactly like the blades of a swiss army knife. Some examples are an ottoman that stores blankets, a vintage suitcase that acts as a coffee table and is also a home for games. One solution that works in almost every room is using baskets on shelves or inside of cubbies. Think outside of the box, but think of the box itself too! There are many ways to hide your objects in plain sight.


mission-2-organize-blog-seasonal-storage-02A Different Perspective

Imagine a game of hide and seek. If you were to hide in your room, where would you go where you wouldn’t be seen? Behind a door? Under the bed? These are good places to start storing your items. If you have already explored these spaces then it’s time to get creative. I like to imagine where I can hide things in plain sight. Interesting pieces like guitars and surfboards can be displayed by being hung from the ceiling or attached to the wall. Look at your whole organizing system and don’t be afraid to make a few changes. Sometimes that’s all you need. Personally, I had all my summer hats stored in boxes on top of my closet, but last winter I realized that I had additional summer gear that needed to be stored. After a little spacial planning, I discovered that I had some space on the back of my bedroom door. So I hung the fun colorful summer hats on the back of the door and put the other summer items in the boxes on the top shelf in the closet. When you find your own magical unused space, you’ll know it was meant to be the perfect storage solution.



Create Space

Do you have a big bedroom but not enough closet space? You can use room dividers, curtains and even cute, colorful boxes stacked on top of each other to section off a new little storage area for yourself, keeping stuff hidden as well as artfully on display. This trick is perfect for loft spaces which allow you more elaborate ways to divide the space. Sometimes just moving few pieces of furniture around can open up some extra room. Try adding an armoire or bench with storage at the foot of your bed.




mission-2-organize-seasonal-storage05Donating and Recycling

The best way to keep clutter hidden in the first place is to not have clutter. Simple as that. This tip goes without saying. Your place might just be too small for all of the items you need. But often, we run out of space because we don’t weed through what we have on a regular basis. I always keep small boxes for donation in different closets around the house. As soon as I come across something that I am ready to say goodbye to, it goes into the box right away and the box gets emptied and delivered the homeless shelter regularly. Things that are ready to be recycled go out the door and to the proper recycling bin or center right away. Almost 99% of the time, we open up a ton of space in our clients homes just by removing outdated items, empty boxes and broken objects. Remember, if it doesn’t serve you or you don’t love it anymore, it does not deserve real estate in your place.

Try some of the tricks above and let us know in the comments the creative ways you were able to make space for your seasonal storage. Sharing is caring!

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