Mission 2 Organize

To Keep or Not to Keep, That is the Question




When you ask someone who has never hired a Professional Organizer what they think it’s like, almost everyone says, “They are going to make me get rid of a bunch of stuff I want to keep.” We cannot speak for other organizers, but we do not make anyone get rid of anything!

Take it from our client, April W., who says “Mission 2 Organize is life changing!  They helped to remove clutter, find a place for things, organize my belongings by category and offered very helpful solutions to set up my home (and home office) up for success without pushing me to part with things that are special to me.  In fact, they created a storage bin of memory items that I can have all in one place!”

What we do is help you decide what you want to keep and what you would like to donate. We ask you questions that just might lead you to think about your things in a different way. Let’s be honest. We are human and some of us have a hard time letting go of  things. Sometimes it is easier to have an outsider’s unbiased opinion and that is what professional organizers provide!

It can actually be very liberating to release yourself of the physical items as well as the memories attached to them. You just might feel like our client, Anne F., who proclaimed “In the past year, I’ve hired Mission 2 Organize three times!  I’m addicted.  It is such a wonderful feeling to have your life put in order.”


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