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‘Pull It Out’ Looking Like It Did When You ‘Put It In’




Protecting the items in your storage space is of utmost importance. When it’s time to pull out your things, you want them to be in the same condition you left them.

Using the techniques we will describe, you will save time by not having to clean things that have gotten dusty in storage. You will also save money by protecting your things so you don’t have to have them replaced.

Certain items require more care when being placed in storage. Here, we address specialty care advice for precious china, bulky furniture and stinky sports equipment.



  • Individually wrap each piece of china
  • Provide extra cushion on the bottom, top and sides of the box
  • Use small boxes with a lid to store china
  • The box should be placed where it is easy to reach
  • Avoid stacking anything on top of the box



  • Use a pallet to keep furniture up off floor
  • Cover with a canvas tarp
  • Disassemble furniture whenever possible
  • Use the drawers in furniture to store other smaller items


Sports Equipment

  • Wipe down & clean all equipment before storing
  • Hang bikes from the ceiling or wall
  • Keep golf clubs in a climate controlled space
  • Sports lockers are perfect for storing sports equipment


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