Mission 2 Organize

Time It!!!



Time management and organizing go hand in hand. Time Management experts always remind us that an organized work space is essential to achieving maximum productivity in the shortest amount of time. How many times do we spend hours on looking for the documents or tools we need?

We also lose track of time when we are not focused When you are in a cluttered space, your mind won’t be at ease therefore it will be hard for you to focus on the task at hand.

Likewise as organizers, we know that time management is a very important factor to checking off our to-do lists . Try it our way next time:

  • Make a list of your daily tasks
  • Set the timer for 30 min
  • Change task every 30 min

This way your brain will keep engaging in different subjects and stays alert. Also it’s easy to get tired of a task, especially if it’s a huge task.  The fear of tackling it becomes less if you attack the task 30 minutes at a time .

You can mix or match your tasks so you will find something you like about each task even if it’s your least favorite thing to do.

This online countdown timer is a very useful tool to track your time. Using this timer, a gray border appears around your screen, which shows you how much time is left. If you are away from screen it it will sound the alarm for you.

Try some or all of these tactics to get your tasks on track!

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