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How 2 Organize Your Necklaces



I have quite a few necklaces and trendy jewelry. My setup is unusual as well. I have a revolving door for my bedroom closet which features an old skool Murphy bed attached to it. The mattress has been removed and only a wall of springs remains.


I decided to use this to my advantage. It has become a sort of additional wall space for my accessories. In this and future blog posts, I will describe, in detail, the areas I have created to house all of the wearables in my closet.


All I needed for this project was 3 belt & tie racks. Here is an example of this handy organizing tool. You will more than likely attach your rack to the wall with screws or hang it from a hook depending on which mounting style you choose. A convenient place for installation is the wall space next to a door. It doesn’t stick out too far from the walls which allows you easy passage through the door yet you are able to take full advantage of this precious wall space.


I organize my necklaces on the racks. Starting from the left, I have chunky beaded necklaces hanging together by color. Since there are two rows of hooks on this particular rack, I hang the longer pieces towards the back of the rack. That way, even though they are in the back, they are the longest so I can see them hanging low. You know what they say, “Outta sight, outta mind”.


The middle rack holds my casual necklaces which I hardly ever wear. It also houses a few that should probably be tossed into the “Memories” storage box. See, even us organizers don’t always follow our own advice! 🙂 My chain necklaces with larger pendants are also kept here. I organize them by similar shape and style. When you do this, one necklace won’t overbear and cover up a smaller one. You want to be able to see at least a small bit of each piece.


The final rack (on the right) contains my chokers and collars, each style on a separate hook. Thin chain necklaces are sorted separately by gold and silver as well as by length. These are thin so you can reasonably fit 5 or 6 on each hook, but be cautious when removing one to avoid tangling the bunch. In contrast, you’ll only be able to fit 2-3 chunkier necklaces on each hook, so plan accordingly.


It just so happens that I design one-of-a-kind necklaces and other jewelry. I have a small Etsy shop where a limited selection of my jewelry is available for sale. Keep a polishing cloth close by so you can give your pieces a quick rub to bring out their brightest shine just before leaving the house.


Hopefully this helps you to make some sense out of your pile o’ necklaces. Accessories really can make an outfit pop. Once you can see and easily access all of your necklaces, you can put together new creative layering combinations. It might even feel like you discovered a whole new wardrobe!



Written by Schae Lewis, Co-founder of Mission 2 Organize LLC

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