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Post by Grant Zabielski

Overall health comes down to the cellular level. If your cells are healthy, then you are healthy. There’s much too much focus still on building big muscles, stuffing your body with loads of protein and becoming a gym rat. These ideas are extremely outdated, yet so many so called “experts” still teach these methods that lived back when disco was hot and body building was the next best thing. Do you want to be a body builder? Are you looking to be 250lbs of pure rippling muscle? I know the majority of you aren’t. You want to be healthy, strong, lean, and have tons of energy! To get these types of results, you need to look at health at the cellular level.
Cells need 4 main things to live at their highest and healthiest potential.

  • Oxygen
  • Living Waters
  • Nutrients (ie. Essential Oils, Minerals, Alkalizing Agents)
  • The ability to remove Waste.

Many people know and understand the importance of these top 3. Clearly you need oxygen, without it, you die in minutes. Clearly you need living waters, without it, you die in days. Clearly you need your nutrients, without them, you die in months. But what about number 4? The ability to remove waste? What’s that? This is something so important, yet very few health professionals discuss this, or even seem to know about it. If you’re looking to lose weight, THIS IS KEY! To put it more simply;


That’s right, the more waste in your body, the more weight in your body. Waste is a build up of toxins that the body for one reason or another couldn’t remove. Also, as time goes on, the more build up that occurs, the less effective your waste removal system works, so then, like a traffic jam, you build up toxins and waste faster, and put on MORE weight. When people speak of having a slow metabolism, or things within them are just not working right, this is almost always the reason why. Your job is now to do everything in your power to clean up the mess, remove all the waste, and then feed your body what it needs to get back to square one. You’re body can get back to being an efficient waste removal monster, but it needs your help. How do you do that?

Everyone knows fruits and vegetables are among the healthiest foods we can eat, so why do these foods take a back seat in so many American diets? Priorities people! To take a simplified approach, I can tell you to incorporate more of these raw foods into your diet, and to take those processed foods out of your diet. This alone will improve health tremendously. Although this is a good start, I know you want more. We want to set up your body for success. We want to remove all those excess toxins and waste from your system to make it work like new again! IT CAN BE DONE!

The first key step to clearing the waste from your system is to stop creating more toxic build up! The way to do this is surprisingly easy. Think about how long it takes some foods to pass through your body versus other foods. The longer these foods are in your body, the more residue they leave in your body. More residue means more fermentation and putrified waste, leading to more toxins building up in your body. What we want to focus on is choosing foods and food combinations that will aid in quickly assimilating the nutrients from the food, and then very quickly getting the rest of that food out of your body. We want these foods in and out as fast as possible. The less time they’re in there, the less residue than can leave. There are certain types of foods that take longer to digest, as well as certain food combinations that slow digestion.

Raw fruits and vegetables are going to be the foods that have the fastest exit time of all foods. After those come the steamed vegetables with a low-starch content. The next quickest are our raw nuts and seeds, then comes our raw oils like olive oil or hemp seed oil. Some people prefer to add some organic CBD oil to their food instead of hemp seed oil to promote relaxation. Check out Organic CBD Oil made by Scandinavian Standards | Nordic Oil Shop if you’re interested. Cooked starchy vegetables come last on this list in the order of the fastest exiting foods. Many diehard health nuts will stick mainly to this list, but for the average human being, this is extremely difficult to maintain. Being happy on your diet is such a key element that if by just looking at this list you think, “oh no, that’s all I can eat?”, and it stresses you out, then clearly that extremely intense diet will not work for you. That’s OK! If you live by this list only 60% of the time, you are well on your way to rapid weight loss, and maximum health!

To continue the list, next will be your raw, unpasteurized dairy products, trying as hard as you can to avoid the cow. Then we have our whole grains. Finally to come to the end of the list I personally live on, we have pasteurized dairy and animal flesh, sticking mostly to fish, only grass fed beef and pasture raised poultry. Still, if 80% of the time you stick with this list, as I do, you are living the lean and healthy life!

Lastly on this list comes the non-whole grain flour products, sugar, then cooked animals, mainstream meats, poultry and soy products, and finally chemicals and artificial sweeteners. These take an extremely long time to exit your body and leave a very acidic toxic residue that is very difficult for your body to excrete.

Now you know what foods to eat for the quickest exit, but as I said, how you combine your food types also plays a large role in digestion speed. For example, eating only fruit will ensure the fruit is out of your system in 40 minutes, but combining fruits and say, starches, now that food will take hours to digest, the fruit begins to ferment, and toxic residue builds up. This information simply begins the first of five easy steps on how to lose that weight fast. For more free tips on health and living, please visit grantEvolution.com.

Grant Zabielski

President of grantEvolution

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