Mission 2 Organize

Those Thoughts up There in That Head of Yours


When ideas come to mind it must be set in stone. A stone tablet may not be available, so be sure to have a small notebook and pen or pencil on hand. Phone applications are also perfect for recording and organizing these cognitive conclusions. Great ideas come when you least expect it: shopping at the grocery store, staring at the never-ending wall of ice cream, all of a sudden you decide hazelnut is the color for the home office because it complements the furniture. Pull out the notebook, or phone app, and record it on the home project to-do list.

Let’s just admit that keeping a list takes the pressure off a bit. Jotting notes solidifies something that we desire to do, have, or accomplish. Listing isn’t only meant for household tasks, groceries, events, or vacations. We can list our personal ambitions and goals, too. Everyone has a few longings that seek fulfillment. Here is a bullet-point list of possibilities to keep in check and to eventually check off.

• Weight loss, diet changes/new recipes, gym workouts
• Travel destinations, fashion must-haves, and reading materials
• Long-term task challenge: running a marathon, writing a book/blog, make your passion a business, learn a new language/culture/cuisine, lean to play musical instrument
• New Year Resolutions: start with a clean slate anytime of the year

So the next time you can’t remember the thing that needed to get done before that other stuff can be ordered, look for a piece of paper with some neatly written words. When the blood, sweat and tears cease, grab the tool of dark liquid and place a big v-like mark next to it. Don’t forget to exhale and smile.


Written By: Lindsey Kunz

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