Mission 2 Organize

A Thoughtful Transition


Staging a home requires homeowners to focus on the essentials versus an abundant amount of décor. A staged home is polished and streamlined. It showcases the desirable features and amenities of a living space.

Once you begin to stage your home, take inventory of household items and prepare to pack. Packing is a step by step process or it can occur in stages; sort through belongings, get rid of and/or donate unwanted items, and sort through and place remaining items in appropriate boxes. When items are organized and packed in an orderly fashion you will have a smooth transition from your old home to new home! All your belongings will be easy to locate. You will enjoy moving into a new space and unpack without feeling scatterbrained. However, if you wanted to eliminate all of this packing and moving of furniture etc. you could look at renting a furnished home. There are plenty of companies that offer this, but one that I’ve been recommended to use by my friend is https://www.chahomenow.com/. It’s definitely worth taking a look if you don’t want to buy or lug around your furniture. Anyway, here are a few critical protocols to consider as you pack.


  • Create a list that notes each room and its contents (i.e. furniture, appliances, clothes, etc.).
  • Allow yourself enough time to pack everything appropriately. Pack unused, stored items before tackling everyday household items.
  • Leave staged items in place and focus on other items.


  • Pack room by room, in order of importance or accessibility.
  • Finish packing in one room before starting in another.
  • Pack similar items in the same box (i.e. kitchen utensils with kitchen silverware).
  • Label each box noting the room and contents.
  • Pack items with care to ensure they will not break or damage during the move.

Misc. Tips

  • Refrain from packing items that are needed on a daily basis, such as kitchen items or toiletries. Box and label these items on your moving day.
  • Pack essential cosmetics and clothes in a small suitcase or bag for easy access to avoid rummaging through sealed boxes during the moving process.
  • Make sure you have updated your home insurance policy in advance of the big move! Don’t be afraid to compare some of the different insurance policies and providers such as Home Insurance with State NZ to make sure you are getting the coverage you need at an affordable price.

An organized packing process allows for a stressless move. Allow yourself enough time and pack items carefully. The unpacking process will be enjoyable versus overwhelming. Your new home is one step away from encompassing your personal finishing touches. This is so exciting, moving into a new home, you will want to consider safety measures such as loan companies and home warranty companies. These companies will help you to feel secure and safe in your new home so you can enjoy it to your fullest potential.

By: Lindsey J. Kunz

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