Mission 2 Organize

Would you please pass me that shelf?!


Shelving to an organizing project is exactly like tailoring a dress to fit you. There might be many things you like about your kitchen, but there is no need to stop there and not make it a fabulous fit for your needs.

Just when you think you ran out of space in your kitchen, think again. Shelves are here to rescue you. A good shelving system will work perfect for small kitchen that does not have enough cabinets just as well as it does in a big kitchen. By adding shelves, you can double your space in a small pantry or make things more easily accessible in a bigger pantry. You can store your food supplies, cookware, and bakeware on these shelves to maximize your space. Shelve items by type and frequency of use. This system will keep you organized and stylish too.

Wire shelving is ideal for those that do not want to invest in a fixed shelving system. You can take them with you to the next place you move to. Also most of these shelves are adjustable so you can design it to your own needs. With a help of few hooks, you can hang pots and pans or cooking utensils from the sides as well. I have a small wire shelf next to my stove. By adding a butcher block on the top, I now have extra storage and extra counter space next to my stove which makes cooking way easier.

If you are attaching shelves to your wall, keep these few tips in mind. Do not extend your wall shelving all the way to the floor. Start from few feet above the floor, so you turn the floor into another shelf as well. This space will be a great way to store bulky items or pet food. Go all the way up leaving a few feet from the ceiling. You can store all those items you only use once a year on the top shelf . With the help of step stool, it’s not hard to reach them.

Think about the style and function at the same time. While picking up a shelf that matches your kitchen the best, it’s highly advised to also choose a system that gives you options. You want the shelves to be easy to adjust to the size you want. Who knows when that next item comes that needs few extra inches to fit in to your shelf. Go shelf it up. It’s magical!

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