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How 2 Work In Your Workout


Time is a precious commodity. We are constantly looking for ways to fit things into the 24 hours we’ve been given each day. Think family, meetings, phone calls, meal prep, housework, laundry, hobbies, and interests.

And then there’s exercise. Which, for some reason or another, always seems to get pushed to the bottom of our to-do list.

But studies show that exercise is important, if not crucial, to our overall physical and mental well-being. So how can we make time for a workout each day?

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Here are a few ideas to help you work in time for your workouts:

1. Write it down. At Mission 2 Organize, we’re firm believers that what gets scheduled gets done. If you want to make exercise an important part of your lifestyle, commit to writing it down on your calendar (either paper or digital) and then incorporating it into your day just as you would a meeting or a phone call.

2. Find snippets of time. Workouts don’t have to take up a large amount of time. Even 15 or 20 minutes of purposeful exercise can make a difference! Whether it’s some free time you have while the kids are napping to do some yoga or a ten-minute walk around the block between appointments, just remember that something is better than nothing!

3. Be flexible. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to work out during your morning routine, don’t let that deter you. Why not try later in the afternoon or in the evening? Or vice versa? Yes, we can be creatures of habit, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bend the rules every once in a while.

4. Try something different. If you’re short on time and can’t fit in your normal exercise routine of cardio and weights at the gym, consider following along with a YouTube stretching video at home instead. Raining outside? Climb the stairs in your house or office building, or give an indoor class at the gym a chance. Who knows? You might find a new form of exercise you like even better!

5. Be prepared. One of the major obstacles to exercising isn’t a lack of motivation but rather a lack of planning. It’s easier to skip a workout when you don’t have your gym bag or all the essentials you need at home to get the job done. Take some time to get everything ready—your bag, your equipment, your clothes—so nothing can stand in your way!

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Exercise is vital to our well-being and productivity, but our calendars don’t always allow us to follow through with what we need to do. Try implementing a few of these ideas and techniques to ensure that you not only work in your workouts but that you also get the most out of the exercises you’re doing.



Which of these 5 tips will you try to make time for your next workout?

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