Mission 2 Organize

De-clutter Your Space, Free Your Mind


In a world that is filled with an overload of materials, tasks and information, it is so easy to have a cluttered space and mind. Both are as bad as you can imagine. A cluttered mind is not focused or productive just like a cluttered space is not peaceful or inviting.

A recently published book about organizing your mind discusses in detail how a cluttered space equals clutter mind.

“Many successful people report that they enjoy organizing their closets and drawers when they are stressed; and we now understand the neurological substrates. This allows our brain to explore new connections among the things that clutter our homes and living spaces, as it allows the “mind-wandering” mode of our brain to contextualize and recategorize those objects’ relationship to one another and our relationship to them.”

No wonder every year one of the top new year’s resolutions on the list is to get organized! Becoming more organized can bring about many other resolutions that we have been hoping for for years. You can see its positive effect on many areas of your life from health to social activities, relationships and so on. Decluttering is by far one of the most common resolutions. If you’re in need of additional space to keep your stuff, either from home or your business, a solution like Wild Horse Self Storage should definitely be considered.

We are experienced in working with many different types of clients, ranging from the super organized to the completely disorganized. Regardless, they always tell us how much better their life has been since they experienced our service.

After we listen to our clients and help them create a system based on their particular needs, they say they have been dressing better, socializing more, saving money and even time too. The best part is that they all have started experiencing a new sense of relief.

The clutter in your space is like a two way mirror to your mind. Many times it is the reflection of what is going on in your mind or, in reverse, your mind is creating the actual clutter.

Here are few organizing principles that will help you see how changes in the world of physical can effect your non physical world of thoughts.


When we arrive to a space, the first task is to sort out items. For example, in the bathroom we gather all the beauty products together. If you sort out the items in your house you will see how much of one item you have and you most likely realize your pattern of shopping or collecting items or even looking for a place to store those items (for example somewhere like this website) The same is happening in our mind with our pattern of collecting information and thinking of endless thoughts every second. Every week or so carve out some time for yourself sit down and sort out your thoughts. You can write them down as they come to your mind and see what is really in your brain, where you stand and who is the real you.


Once you gather and sort your items, you can see if you have too much of one thing or just too much in general. Simplify your life by letting go of what you don’t love or need anymore. If you can not let go of the stuff in your space, most likely you can not let go of your thoughts as well. De-cluttering your space is a good practice to let go in your mind. If you are willing physically to let go of what you don’t need anymore, you will become comfortable with releasing the thoughts that are not serving you anymore. Why clutter up your brain when you can feel the joy of a peaceful mind?


Once we sort, group items and purge as much as possible, we need a system and a way to contain our belongings. Then every time you need something, you know exactly where it is. The same goes with your thoughts. Although there are some thoughts that are not containable and it’s good to have them run free every once in a while, there is a lot information circling through our brains that can be contained with an easily accessible system. For example, half of the time we are thinking of stuff we need to do, goals we want to reach, places we need to be and so on. Use a list online or offline to get all of this information out of your brain yet still accessible. Create a shopping list, a to do list, set up reminders or make a vision board. Getting all this information out of your mind and organized will leave room for more creative thoughts and a more colorful imagination. It will also make it more clear to you how you spend your time and what your vision for your future is.


Organizing your mind (or your space) is like brushing your teeth. You don’t brush your teeth only once and think that for the rest of your life you will have healthy teeth. You have to make a habit of brushing and do it regularly. The same goes with keeping your place or your mind organized. We understand that and that is why we offer our clients special maintenance packages. You also have to maintain your mental space. Once you do it make it a habit and continue maintaining it, it’s totally worth it. Imagine the freedom you will feel by not carrying around the mental clutter that you don’t need anyway. When you know exactly what you need to do and where you need to be, it makes you feel way more on top of things and confident.

Remember the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland who is always running around in a panic saying “I’m late, I’m late?” It’s no fun to be him in real life. To always feel rushed or behind will just wares on you mentally. Free yourself and enjoy all that this wonderland has to offer by having an organized mind and space.

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