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This past month we piled, donated, stacked, grouped and restocked all the items in our kitchen with one goal in mind: having an organized kitchen!


If you followed all the tips and used some of them as they applied to your kitchen organizing challenges, by now your kitchen should be organized. You have probably even seen a huge shift in your cooking habits. You may have also realized that by staying organized you can save money, save time, stay green and turn your kitchen to a place of serenity. The challenges of organizing might have been met, but the success is not only to organize it but to keep it organized.


There are few tips we can share with you today to keep your kitchen in mint condition from now on. These tips apply to all organizing projects as well:


1. Make sure everything in your kitchen has a place. This rule applies to all new things that come into your home. Whatever doesn’t have a particular space for itself will end up to be the clutter you hate.  Every once in a while, go thru your stuff and get rid of the things that don’t serve a purpose anymore. Make room for new things to come to you by letting go of those things that are useless, broken or you never used. Donate these items and let some one else enjoy them.

2. Always put items back where they belong. As you use something always return it to its proper place. This way you won’t need to search all over the place to find what you are looking for and your place will always be clutter free.

3. Organize as you go. Imagine that you are going into the kitchen to get a cup of tea. As you wait for the water to boil, put some dishes back in the cabinet. Fold the kitchen rag and hang it on the hook. Every little thing counts and contributes to the bigger picture of harmony and balance.

4. Use the 10 minute rule! We always tell our clients that at the end of every day spend only 10 minutes straightening up before you go to bed. These 10 minutes seem like  nothing compared to all the hours we spend watching TV or surfing the net. Now dedicate a few of these 10 min to your kitchen. Plus it can make a hug difference in how your place looks and can actually change your outlook the next day. If you wake up and the first thing you see in your life is a mess, that can bother you for the rest of the day and keep your brain focused on that negative energy. By having an organized place, you cut your time getting ready in half and give yourself a sense of accomplishment from the start of the day.

Here at Mission 2 Organize we are so happy that you enjoyed our full month tips of daily tips on how to organize your kitchen. Thank you for all of your support and comments. If there is any project in the kitchen that you need to know more about or that we left out, send us a note and we will make it happen.


For those who took it to heart and got inspired by our blog posts to organize their kitchen, now it’s time to celebrate all of your achievements with a glass of wine and an amazing home cooked meal in your fabulously organized kitchen. CHEERS!


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