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Tell Us Your Dirtiest Secret From the Bedroom!


Our Summer Blog Contest

Organizing challenges? We have heard about, seen, and solved so many common issues. We would love to know them all and to tackle even more.

We are jonesing for details of your organizational struggles. Give us the dirt and win a prize!

Just leave a comment under this post telling us what is the biggest organizing challenge in your bedroom.

By leaving a comment you will automatically be entered into our contest to win a $25.00 gift certificate from The Container Store provided by Mission 2 Organize.

Be sure to check back because we will take each of the comments and turn them into a blog post that will help you to solve your specific concern.

Entry Deadline: 09/05/2011

Winner will be announce on 09/10/2011. The winner will receive an e-mail from Mission 2 Organize. Confirm your e-mail and your prize will be on it’s way to your inbox.

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67 thoughts on “Tell Us Your Dirtiest Secret From the Bedroom!”

  1. angela toledo miller

    my most dirty secret from bedroom is my 16 year old daughter clothes all over. the secret part would be they are clean and dirty mixed! my boys are the most organized and clean. the girls are straight up PIGS!

  2. Our biggest organizing challenge is figuring out what to do with our electronic equipment, especially the wires. We have our LCD TV mounted on the wall, with a blu-ray player, cable box, and home theater receiver attached, and right now there are a mess of wires snaking down the wall, which looks awful. Given that we would like to keep all of that equipment in there (I know some thing it’s a cardinal sin to have a TV in the bedroom, but we love to watch movies before bed), are there any good solutions for concealing those wires for a cleaner, more streamlined look? Thanks!

  3. I have a ton of shoes! Keeping them clean and organized was always an issue. I tried leaving them in the boxes, which took up too much valuable closet space and you couldn’t see what they were. I tried no boxes, again not enough space and they get dusty? Tried the clear containers…again space issue and the shoes would not always fit ( I have big feet ).
    I thought about how to keep them fresh ( yes fresh ) and clean… Zip lock bags! The 2 gallon bag fits every style of shoe keeps them clean and they can still breath. I had to reconfigure my shoe racks, but it works great and was/is cheap to do!

  4. Right now, we’re in an apartment with limited storage area, so I’m stuck having to find a home for my craft supplies in the bedroom closet 🙁

  5. I have lots of small crafty supplies, but no good way to organize them or sort through the mess without going through a million little zip-top bags. Good divided containers aren’t that easy to find!

  6. luckylifepath22

    i have a very very small closet and no room to hang clothes, so they all end up getting stuffed into drawers, even dresses

  7. Thank you every one for participating so far. This is all great feedback. We are working on a series of organizing tips to help you out with your challenges. The answers will be here soon 🙂

  8. My shoes–I don’t have a good shoe holder in my closet, and they frequently end up just being left on the floor of the room.

  9. My biggest organizing challenge in my bedroom is my lingerie, between the slippery fabric, shoulder straps and underwires, there is no easy way to do it. So it all gets stuffed in a drawer and several boxes

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, it seems that we all share many similar Organizing Challenges. This post was inspired by another comment about dressers, you might find some of the tips to your use. Happy Organizing! “M2O”

  10. My biggest organizing challenge is the bedroom dresser. I do not know how to properly fold my clothes so that I can easily see them without making a mess.

  11. My closet! I’ve tried everything – I know I have too many clothes/shoes/everything for the space – but I don’t want to downsize – these are investments! There’s gotta be a way to compact or store!

    e-mail: lucky02130 (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. My biggest ‘bedroom’ organizational problem is that I am 35 and still using my ‘baby dresser’. Yes.. the same dresser that I had when I was still in diapers! I only have 1 drawer for my socks, bras, and undies. I am constantly cramming them all in and can never find anything with out a shuffling headache! Oy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps someday I will get a real dresser?

  13. My biggest challenge is storing all the extra bedding, like winter blankets and extra pillows.


  14. Well, the biggest organizing challenge in our bedroom is my husband’s TOOLS!! He has single-handedly turned out apartment into his personal woodshop – and that means our bedroom too! There is nowhere for me to move his tools, so I’m stuck with ‘stuff’ in our bedroom with nowhere to go!


  15. Biggest challenge is organizing my closet – it is very small. If I put them in boxes, I end up not wearing half of them or rummaging through them creating a mess just the same. Thanks!
    mandalarctic at gmail dot com

  16. My biggest organizing problem is where to put my perfume, lotions, makeup extra hygeinic items (razors, deodorant, etc)….I’m a couponer. lol

  17. My biggest challenge is that our room is just so small. I can’t fit another dresser in it. I really am not a clothes hog, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough room. I have a hard time keeping things neat and organized.

  18. My biggest organizing challenge in my bedroom is my shoes. I have tried everything to keep them organized, but I alway fail.

  19. My biggest challenge is that our bedroom is a dumping ground for everything and anything we don’t want visitors to see. Papers that need to be filed, clothes that need folded, toys that weren’t put up in time, and so on. I’m sure you’d find a little of everything in that bedroom.

  20. I have way too many clothes and not enough room. I need a scrubs for work, clothes for church, clothes for going out, casual clothes and formal clothes. All of these plus I need a summer and winter section.

  21. The biggest organizing challenge in my bedroom is books everywhere. We need some type of organizer. reejen at comcast dot net

  22. We have more clothes than we do places to put them. So we have laundry baskets sitting around filled with clean clothes.


  23. Small closet space. Things are so jammed up in there that I keep using “other” clothing so that I don’t have to open the closet. And I don’t have that many clothes or shoes compared to the average American woman.

  24. Everything. We have shoes lined up against the walls. Winter and summer clothes together. Linens in the same area. It’s a mess.

  25. My biggest organizing challenge in the bedroom is my jewelry. I can never find the matches for my earrings (and I think my 3yr old may have something to do with that!) I toss everything into one jewelry box………I know, buy another one!

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