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5 DIY Charging Stations


Next to the bed, on the kitchen counter, on top of the office desk and all over the house. Wherever we walk, we see piles of electronic devices, tangled wires and cords in our homes. From tablets to phones, electronics are taking over. In one of our last posts, we talked about organizing your wires : DIY style! .


Since a large number of cords are for devices that we charge daily, it is wise to create an area close to an electric socket where you can keep your cords and charge your devices. Make sure this location is somewhere with enough space for your devices to charge safely without creating a hazard. Here are 5 DIY charging station projects. Pick the one that works best with your style, needs and available space. For convenience, it is best to create these stations in a common area where the whole family gathers. Not only will a charging station prevent cords from taking over your home, this solution eliminates any panicked searches for your charger.



From Kitchen to Office

Convert a bread box into a charging station for small electronic devices. We love this idea as it is a perfect way to repurpose and reuse a product for organizing. However, it is not as easily changeable so if you change your devices frequently or add more devices it might not be the best choice. With this design it also might be hard to the take the chargers with you as you need but if you have extra charges for your devices or you know you won’t need to ever grab the chargers this design is pretty simple and cute. Tutorial



Built it from Scratch


If you are crafty you can create this awesome station with few pieces of wood, some screws and elbow grease. If you happen to be short of screws, you can find stainless steel coach screws at Tradefixdirect.com, which could really help you out for a job like this. There are a few advantages to creating this station and they all go back to the fact that you are building this station from scratch! You can change some elements of the design such as size and color to tailor it exactly to what you need. Tutorial







Grab a box. Any box!

So you are not as crafty! No worries. This very simple project might be what you were looking for. You can make it with any box you have laying around. You can use a shoe box and decorate it yourself with some glue and decorative paper. It is also a good idea to label over each hole so you can tell the ook-alike plugs apart. Tutorial







From print to digital

If you have several tablets or bigger devices this easy DIY charging station can really help you. Ironically it is made out of a magazine holder. Why not use an old print holder for your digital items. Pick a magazine holder that is your style. If you use a wired magazine holder you don’t even have to drill any holes. On the other hand the solid magazine holder will hide the wires better. Tutorial




Repurpose existing storage

So you don’t want to built a drawer but you have one that you can spare. Turn a junk drawer into a charging station with no effort. The best part is the fact that the station will be hidden and out of view. You can build drawer organizers to suit your needs, make some out of small cardboard boxes or buy some drawer organizers from the store to keep your devices neat inside.

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