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How 2 Organize Your Wires: DIY Style!



If you ask me about a perfect world, one of the first requirements is that it is wireless. Luckily there is hope for this dream to come true but until that day we have to deal with clutter looking, space taking, dust collecting cords. Not to mention, in every room we now have chargers attached to our devices. We have untangled, packed, unpacked and hidden so many wires in our years of organizing that with no doubt we know having your wire situation under control in your office and even all around your life with save you space and sanity. Here are some tips you can use to hide or store your wires for anytime use.


Inventory and purging

First collect all your cords and start sorting them by category such as chargers, extension cords, power strips and so on. Now it’s time to purge! Match each charger with the appropriate device. Get rid of broken, outdated or unidentified wires. There are some labeling options out there to pair and keep track of your wires. Here are 3 simple and free do-it-yourself projects to identify, sort or store your cords.
























Containing and storing

Now that you have sorted, purged, paired and labeled your cords, use containers or boxes to store away the ones you are not using daily. Use smaller containers for thinner and shorter cords. Bigger containers can be used to store bulky wires like power cords. You can also think vertical. Sometimes the best place to store long wires that you need access to is to use hooks or pegboard on the wall or inside utility closets. Label the containers for easy access.




Place for everything

Now it is time to deal with all charges for your devices. You’ll need them to be handy since you probably use it all the time. We suggest creating a charging station for yourself. Look around and determine where you use these chargers most. Chargers are usually found near your desk, in your living room,  on the kitchen counter or on bed stands. The amount of chargers and devices you have can give you an idea of the type and size of your station. There are products that are made specifically for this purpose. Here are a few DIY solutions that you can make using stuff you already have.



Final touches

By following these steps, you will be on your way to taming the wires in your space. There still might be some unsightly wires lying around. Tubes and covers are available so that you can group and cover your wires while using them. Here are some creative ways to do this that might just be your answer.





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