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Cleaning Stories: A Tale of 2 Clients


Mission 2 Organize is known by its name and its mission as an organizing provider. So what does that mean exactly? It means we help our clients declutter, make decisions and create systems that will allow them to have a home or space that functions in an orderly fashion.

But after more than 10 years in business, we noticed that while our clients loved the organizing we did for them, many wished there was some way to “clean” the spaces we were emptying so that when we were done, everything would be organized and sparkling clean. Since organizing isn’t cleaning (and vice versa), we weren’t always able to help fulfill their desires. 

That got us thinking.

After hearing the same sentiments time and time again and saw how helping 2 different clients with their cleaning needs made a huge difference, we decided to change the way we operated!

A Tale of 2 Clients

Client #1

“Monica” was a recently widowed client who was preparing to move cross country. She hired us to help her get things ready for her upcoming relocation as there was a lot to deal with and sadly, she was ill. 

M2O to the rescue!

As we worked with Monica, she mentioned that it would mean the world to her if there were some way to clean the space once we had packed things up so she could leave it in good condition for the next owners. She was worried about some small bugs she had seen and didn’t want to make it seem as if she hadn’t taken care of her home.

At the time M2O didn’t offer add-on cleaning services, but one of our Support Organizers agreed to do a bit of wiping down as an extra measure of service to help out. After some spraying and dusting, the shelves in Monica’s house sparkled and no tiny creatures were found!

While it wasn’t much, the little cleaning that we offered that day gave Monica a boost of confidence that she was moving with things in a tidy state and wouldn’t be transporting any germs with her. That was reason enough for us to do it!

From this experience evolved our desire to not only organize for our clients but to provide cleaning options as well so that we could meet all their needs.

Client #2

Shortly after we complemented our organizing offerings with add-on cleaning services, we had the opportunity to put them to use with our client, “Sandra”.

Two of our organizers and an intern (who happened to be our new cleaning specialist) worked in Sandra’s garage to declutter and set up systems so that she could store her items in the space and park her cars in there as well.

Not having seen the shelves and floor for some time, when we opened up the space there was quite a bit of dust and dirt floating around. Sandra commented that it was a shame to organize the space so neatly only to leave it dirty and wouldn’t it be great if there were some way to have it cleaned before we finished?

M2O to the rescue, again!

Our organizers mentioned to Sandra that our intern was also our cleaning specialist and had all of her supplies in her car if she wanted to add some cleaning time to her session. Thrilled by the option, Sandra quickly agreed and as we finished the organizing, our cleaning expert washed out containers, wiped down shelves and mopped the floors. Not only was Sandra’s garage in tip-top order, but it also shined from top to bottom!

While most people assume organizing and cleaning are one and the same, they aren’t. Yes, they are both essential to making a space truly healthy and functional, but they are actually two different activities. Thankfully, our clients don’t need to worry about only having to choose one service or the other as we do both! Call or schedule an appointment today – we’re happy to assist you with your organizing and decluttering projects!

How has organizing and cleaning a space at the same time made a difference for you? Let us know! Leave a comment and share your experience with us!

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