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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Organizing Products

If you are like any of the members of the Mission 2 Organize team, you love any excuse to go to places like The Container Store or Target. While these are great places to buy organizing products, one should fight the urge to purchase anything until after answering four important questions. Answers to the questions…

Morning Routine Ideas to Bring You Joy and Organization

In college I realized I was different. Weekend mornings, when the rest of my peers were fast asleep recovering from the festivities of the night before, I was wide awake. I would happily hop out of bed, dress and scurry off to the dining hall for breakfast with my journal in hand. The thought of…

Why It’s Better to Work with 2 Professional Organizers at Once

Much like the English phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen”, there is a phrase in Farsi (Persian Language) that says, 2 cooks in the kitchen results in food that is too salty or has no salt at all. That might be true for cooking, but it sure isn’t true for organizing.   I see…

Pantry Shelves

Store the items you use least often out of reach. Oftentimes that will mean putting those things on the top shelf and more frequently used items at eye level or below.

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