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Why It’s Better to Work with 2 Professional Organizers at Once



Much like the English phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen”, there is a phrase in Farsi (Persian Language) that says, 2 cooks in the kitchen results in food that is too salty or has no salt at all. That might be true for cooking, but it sure isn’t true for organizing.


I see this in action all the time when I go back home to Iran. Both family gatherings and food are huge parts of my culture. In Iran, a small family gathering means over 50 guests. You would be amazed at how many people work in the smallest kitchen preparing a meal.


There are some washing dishes, a few getting plates to the table, while others get drinks and water pitchers ready. It works like a charm and it’s so much fun watching so many hands efficiently working together to serve delicious food. Some projects simply work best in groups.


Organizing is no exception. The organizing process relies so much on spacial awareness, the ability to solve problems, designing a workable system and a pushing-to-the-finish attitude. All these qualities make organizing perfect for teams.


When you hire a team of two organizers you double your results in several ways. First, you get two experienced brains that can come up with solutions on the fly. We find that our designs are further developed and perfected with someone else to bounce ideas off of while on the job.


Secondly, you simply have four hands working instead of two. That means getting things done in half time. They always say “Time is like a river. Once it passes you, it never comes back.” With a team of two organizers, a project that would take eight hours can be done in four. Now all you have to think about is what you are going to do with the extra time you have. I am sure you can come up with some awesome ideas.


Finally, keep in mind that organizing projects involve lots of physical and often handy work. When we organize places we are constantly moving heavy objects, crawling in small spaces, climbing ladders, and assembling things. You would be surprised how often we adjust shelves and put together furniture. In many of these cases, we rely on our team members to help us to get the job done safely and correctly. Most of the time you really need more than two hands to complete many of these tasks.


Because of all of these benefits, we are Mission 2 Organize. We believe in efficient results and we always work in teams of two or more professional organizers to turn your chaos into serenity. Many years of experience has taught us how to work perfectly with each other and our clients as a team to achieve the most auspicious outcomes. Try one of our services for yourself and see how working with two organizers can be a truly life changing experience.


In the meantime, if all the delicious images gave you a craving for some Persian food, here is a Pinterest page with plenty of options. I am so tempted to make some this weekend. If you try some, let us know!

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