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How 2 Organize Beauty Products in Your Bathroom


Our clients always ask us what our houses look like and how we keep things organize in our own place. We tell them we have our disorganized days and challenges but for the most part we try to keep it simple and organized. Another thing that helps is the fact that I don’t keep lots of extra products (or products in general).

We all know about photoshopped images in fashion magazines, but when it comes to interior design we rarely pay attention to how images are manipulated. Ikea recently announced that most of their images are actually CGI. They are not even a set design of a home!

Sometimes looking at these images discourages us on our journey towards organization. Well, to be honest, if you’re actually living in the house it will never look like a photo shoot set or a CGI design. So on that note, I decided to give you all a tour of my bathroom.

When I moved into my apartment, I knew right away that I needed more cabinets and shelves in my bathroom. There is no linen closet, but at least the bathroom has space to add an extra cabinet and shelves. Just try and keep things on theme – if you have Frameless Shower Doors, and a light theme throughout, then maybe adding a splash of color in the form of a new cabinet might be a great idea! When you walk in on your left, you see the over-the-toilet cabinet that I added. Also there was already a medicine cabinet and a cabinet under the sink. I found some great bathroom furniture on websites like Bathroomsandmorestore.co.uk and if you’re looking for some new bathroom furniture, I recommend you See more on the website. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Just maybe you’ll be inspired to get organized yourself. You will see in most of the pictures below, I use many recycled items to keep my bathroom organized. This is real living. So here it is:

Over-the-Toilet Cabinet


I keep my lotion, deodorant, perfume, body spray, feminine products, nail polish remover and cotton balls behind the cabinet doors. For some reason I have to have at least one pen in every room so this is the perfect space for it. As you can see, I use recycled spice jars, candle jars and recycled tins as containers. The open shelf underneath the cabinet is perfect for keeping a few reading materials and on the top I keep my jar full of candles and my awesome kitty ring holder. They each have their own blog post so you can read more by clicking on them.

Medicine Cabinet


In the medicine cabinet, pictured above, I store my most frequently used medicine, vitamins, hair products, makeup remover and all of the oral care products. Yes, I use a recycled candle jar to store medication.

Under-the-Sink Cabinet


My bottom cabinet holds overstock products, Febreeze and a few cleaning products for quick cleanings.
Additionally the blowdryer, flat iron and brushes have a container of their own down there. Since this space is tall with no shelves I use a half-shelf to get the most use from this space. In the mesh organizer, I have travel supplies and extra supplies for guests. Check out how we have used kitchen organizers for our clients with lots of travel supplies.
And, finally, in the corner I stash my scale.

Wall Hung Cabinet


The wall hung cabinet is where I keep my extra, very rarely used medication and my first aid kit. The space inside the cabinet is tall but too narrow to use a half-shelf. Instead, I use stackable organizers to get the most use out of the vertical space. Notice how I use recycled candle holders inside my stackable organizer to keep everything divided and neat. On the bottom shelf is where I keep Q-tips inside a recycled glass jar for easy access plus a few decorations.

Free Stand Cabinet


In the drawer of my free-standing cabinet, I keep some of my makeup inside drawer organizers.
Underneath I store all the extra towels and extra toilet paper (which you can reach from the toilet).
Taking this picture, I realized it’s time for some shopping and laundry!

In the Shower


And lastly, I installed this shower caddy for storing all of my shower products. On one side is my Aqua note pad where I write all the ideas that pop in my head while I am taking a shower. I am in love with it!

We all have our own ritual when it comes to taking a shower, brushing our teeth or getting ready in the morning. Start your day off right by keeping your bathroom organized. You will save time and will have a peaceful morning to bout. I hope this tour has inspired you to get your own bathroom organized. Remember, getting rid of what you don’t use or is expired will open up space for all the stuff you are using.

When it comes to where to store your products for using in the shower, like shampoo, shower gel, soap, conditioner, etc. it might be nice to upgrade your shower with a shower niche: a sleek recess to neatly store your products in.

Bahar Partow

Co-founder @ Mission 2 Organize

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